Imatges de pÓgina

Strengthen the yet weak in Faith and Godliness, that they may endure Tempta tion, and raise up them that fall.

Grant Perfeverance and Advancement in Holiness to those who love and fear Thee, and enable them to bring forth much Fruit.

Blefs particularly thofe Perfons who ex ercife Works of Piety and Charity in thy Church; especially the religious and other Societies in this Realm, for the Propaga tion of the Gospel in foreign Parts, for Promoting Chriftian Knowledge at Home, for pious Conference and Charity, and for putting the Laws in Execution against Vice and Immortality; and increafe the Number

of them.

Send down most bountiful Lord God, thy Bleffings fpiritual and temporal upon my Family, and all my Relations, Friends, and Acquaintance, especially on thofe who are most dear to me, particularly on my Wife and Children, and thofe who for me, pray or have desired my Prayers; and give us all whatever Thou feeft neceffary and convenient either for our Souls or Bodies.

Reward all who have done me Good, and pardon all who have done or wifhed ne Evil, and work in them and me all


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that Good which may make us acceptable in thy Sight, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

A Prayer for Tuefday Noon, or any intermediate Time of the Day, being a short Paraphrafe on the Lord's Prayer.

ALMIGHTY God, the Creator and Go

vernor of all Things, and most bountiful Benefactor of those who fear and obey Thee; grant that all reasonable Creatures, who are capable of understanding the Greatness and Glory of thy Attributes, may unfeignedly admire and adore Thee, and exprefs their Veneration and Praifes of Thee in Ways moft fuitable to the Condition of their Nature and the Discoveries of thy Will.

Grant that all Mankind may come to the Knowledge and Belief of thy true Religion; that the Kingdom of Chrift may be extended over all the Earth; and the eternal Laws of Godliness, Righteoufnefs, Charity, and Sobriety may be established throughout the whole World.

Grant that all who profefs this thy true Religion, may live in perfect Obedience to


the Laws thereof; and that Men, as the Infirmity of their Natue will permit, may, obey Thee with proportionable Sincerity and Conftancy, as do the Spirits of the Blessed in Heaven.

Beftow on us every Day, through the remaining Part of our Lives, as many of the Things of this prefent World, as are fufficient for our neceffary Subfiftence, and for the useful and innocent Conveniencies cf Life.

Forgive us our Sins, and withhold the Punishments we have thereby deferved, in like Manner as we freely and heartily forgive all those Injuries and Offences, which have by others been done unto us.

Take from us the Caufes and Occafions of Temptations, or elfe deliver us from the Power of them, that we may not be moved either with the Enticements of Riches, Honours, or Pleafures, or with the Fear of Want, Difgrace, or Pain, to do any Thing knowingly contrary to thy Will; and deliver us from all the Evils and Calamities which either the Malice of the Devil, or the Wickedness or Misfortunes of the World, might bring upon us.

Thefe Petitions I beg of Thee, O God, knowing that Thou canft, and trusting in


thy Mercy that Thou wilt do for us more than we can defire, or do deferve, who art infinite in Power, Glory and Majefty, from everlasting to everlafting. Amen.

A Prayer for Tuesday Evening.

0 MOST Great and Glorious Lord God; who art juft and terrible in thy Judgments to all obftinate and rebellious Sinners, but of infinite Pity and Compaffion. to fuch as truly repent and turn unto Thee! Hear, I befeech Thee, the Prayers of thy humble Servant, for the Pardon and Forgiveness of all my Sins.

O let the infinite Value of the Sufferings of thy Son Jefus Chrift be accepted by thee, as an Atonement for all my Follies and Tranfgreffions; and for his Sake, I befeech Thee to be reconciled unto me, who acknowledge my Vilenefs, and am unfeignedly forry that I have ever offended Thee, to whom I owe all the Returns of Love, Duty, and Obedience that can poffibly bet paid by a Creature to his Creator.

Give me fuch a true and unfeigned Repentance of all my Sins, as may produce in me a thorough Change and Amendment



of Life: open thou mine Eyes, that I may fee and obferve all the evil Difpofitions of my corrupt Nature, and by the Affiftance of thy good Spirit, may be enabled to mortify and fubdue them, and to bring my Mind to an entire Conformity to thy blessed Will.

Grant that the Remembrance of my past Follies and Miscarriages may make me more careful of my Actions for the Time to come, and more watchful against those Snares and Temptations, which have at any Time betrayed me.

Let the Confideration of thy Patience and Forbearance excite in my Heart fuch a fincere Love to Thee, and fuch a Fear of offending thee, that neither Riches nor Honour, nor any Thing elfe that this World can offer, may be ever able to draw me from my Duty.

Convince me, O Lord, that Sin is the greatest of all Evils; that Guilt and Misery are always infeparable; and that there is no true Happiness in this Life, but what results from the Testimony of a good Confcience, and the Hopes of thy Favour; and grant that these momentous Truths may be fo deeply impreft on my Mind, that I may make it The great Study and Care of my whole Life,


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