Imatges de pÓgina

sive must look back on imperfection, and gerated statement of Christian excej. will readily acknowledge that they have lence. It is more than probable that not yet attained, nor are as yet perfect. those who did know her will find in this This our much-lamented friend well outline a very inadequate representation knew and deeply felt. Indeed those who of what she was. T'he writer cannot witnessed the spotless character of her suppose that he has done justice to their life, would have heard with surprise ber estimate, for he has been little able to unaffected acknowledgment of deficiencies express his own. The recollection of and her modest renunciation of reliance past intercourse with one so excellent is on her own meritorious deeds. In out- invaluable, the hope of a renewal of ward conduct malignity itself could find intercourse in a better world is most no ground for accusation. For years past, soothing and consolatory to the sorrowat least, her warfare was within. She ing friend. shared in the conflict with him who,

G, B. W. perfect as he was, was templed in all Bridport, Dec. 19th, 1825. points like as we are, and, supported by his spirit, she, like him, obtained victory here, and is gone to share in his eternal Dec. 23, at his house in Mecklenturg joy. It is possible that those who knew Squure, after a long and painful illness, not Miss Gundry, if they read these aged 65, Mr. SAMUEL PARKES, anthor of lines, may suspect that this is an exag- the “ Chemical Catechism," &e.



comparison was drawn in the concla

sion of the discourse between the Chris. RELIGIOUS.

tianity of the New Testament and the Re-opening of the Unitarian Chapel, opinions which pass under that title in Newport, Isle of Wight.

the present day. The candid, argumen. The Unitarian Chapel at Newport, in made a strong impression on the hear

tative and dignified style of the preacher the Isle of Wight, having been closed

ers. The congregation present at the for several weeks for the purpose of religious service in the morning was anbeing repaired and enlarged, was re-open- merous. In the evening the chapel was ed for divine worship on Wednesday, crowded. In the afternoon the members Oct. 12th. The religious service in the of the congregation and the different morning was introduced by the Rev. J. ministers of other churches who were B. Bristowe, of Ringwood. The Rev; with them, met together at a friendly Russell Scott, of Portsmouth, dedicated tea party at the Assembly Room in the this temple auew in a most solemn and

town. This meeting was exceedingly devotional prayer to the worship and

gratifying service of the one true and living God. An excellent sermon was delivered by effected in the Chapel at Newport: by

A considerable enlargement has been the Rev. Michael Maurice, of South- lengthening the building, a great addiampton, on the duty and advantages of tion has been made to the sittings iu the social worship, by whom were also con- body and gallery – a new stair-case, ducted the devotional services of the school-rooms for boys and girls and lievening. The Rev. Russell Scott after- brary have been added; the whole on wards preached from the words of our Saviour, “Ye worship ye know not of Mr. William Mortimer, of Newport,

the plan and under the superintendence what, but we know what we worship,"

a member of the congregation. The aland gave a rapid but comprehensive terations have been rendered absolutely sketch of the corruptions of the pure necessary by a great increase having doctrines of Christ and his apostles by lately taken place in the number of the their admixture with the Platonic no

attendants at the chapel. The new sittions so prevalent in the first ages of the tings are now all nearly or quite occuChristian Church. The preacher pointed pied. out the gradual methods by which the

A. C. mysterious visions and sublime theories of the Heathen Philosophers were engrafted on the simple truths of the Memory of Dr. Priestley.- At the gospel, thus shewing the source from Low Bailiff's dinner lately given at Bir whence have sprung the popular cor- mingham, a remarkable degree of liberuptions of Christianity. An interesting rality was shewn by the clergy and gen

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tlemen of different religious denomina- Propagating the Gospel 32,016 14 5 tions. The health of the Dissenting mi. Jews

13,715 2 1 nisters of the town was proposed by a London Hibernian 8,143 3 11 clergyman of the Established Church; a Continental

2,133 15 10 Dissenting minister proposed the health

Book Societies. of the Catholic priest; and the latter Prayer-Book and Ho. adopted all the liberal sentiments that

mily had been previously suggested. But the Church Tract Society

1,781 12 10

737 19 9 most extraordinary occurrence of the Religious Tract....... 12,568 17 0 day was the generous retractation by Mr. Burn, an aged clergyman, of the

In Ireland. hard things which he had written against Hibernian Bible Society 6,728 10 Dr. Priestley thirty-five years ago : this Sunday-School Society 2,653 7 2 disavowal of unkindness towards the il. Tract and Book Society 3,647 6 3 lustrious dead is so honourable to the Irish Society.

1,060 3 8 living speaker that we feel it to be a duty as well as a pleasure to put it upon record.“ In the school of Christianity,"

Apocryphal Question. said Mr. Buru, “ they were taught that

It will be seen by the following resothe man who was acting in accordance lution, adopted on Monday, the 28th ult., with the spirit of the gospel, was de. by the General Committee of the British serving the friendship of his Christian and Foreign Bible Society, to whom a brethren, however different their senti. Special Committee appointed for conments might be. That church to which sidering the question of circulating the he belouged inculcated feelings of cha. Apocrypha with the Bible had made a rity to all mankiud, and though there report expressive of strong disapprobamight be things in which they differed, tion of such circulation, that the Apocrythey had no prerogative to assume the pha is to be henceforward absolutely right of directing the consciences of excluded from all the Society's Bibles : others.

“ That the funds of the Society be “He could only say, that whatever applied to the printing and circulation of might have been the defects of his own

the canonical books of Scripture, to the conduct in the early periods of his life, exclusion of those books and parts of he now felt himself better established in books which are usually termed Apocrythe principles of his religion than at any phal, and that all copies printed either former period; yet had he to live his entirely or in part at the expense of the past life over again, he should have to Society, and whether such copies consist correct the asperity of feelings and ex

of the whole, or of any one or more of pressions which it was his misfortune to such books, be invariably issued bound, use in his controversies with a late re

no other books whatever being bound spectable and highly talented individual with them; and further, that all money(Dr. Priestley).

grants to societies or individuals be made only in conforinity with the principle of

this regulation." MISCELLANEOUS.

What effect this resolution will have Receipts of Religious Charities in upon the harmony of this extensive So1824,5.

ciety remains to be seen. In some minds Bible Societies,

it may possibly give birth to other quesBritish and Foreign.

£93,285 5 0 tious which the most zealous Biblists Naval and Military

2,615 2 0

would be slow to entertain; as for exMerchant Seamen's. 911 4 3 ample, whether it be consistent with Missionary Societies.

reverence of the sacred volume, with a Church

45,383 19 10

love of truth or with honesty, to continue London

40,719 16

in the New Testament the Three WitWesleyan

38,046 9 7

nesses' Text, 1 John v. 7, which we beBaptist

15,995 11 2

lieve nine scholars out of ten regard as London Moravian Asso.

decidedly spurious. ciation

3,568 17 3 Scottish....

8,257 4 3

The Catholic Question.--A deputation Home...

5,092 15 10

from the Roman Catholics of Clonmel

lately waited on the Earl of DonoughSchool Societies, British and Foreign....

more (late Lord Hutchinson) to present 2,114 19 3

an address of condolence upon the de. Sunday-School Union .. 4,253 12 2 Newfoundland

cease of his brother, the late Earl, who

701 0 6 had for nearly half a century been the Societies of a mired nalure. steady and consistent advocate of their Christian Knowledge

62,387 34 claim of eligibility to civil rights. The

5 p


answer of the present Earl to this ad. doctrine of the Church of Scotland, to dress conveys very wholesome and neces- which he and the Presbytery are equally sary advice to the Irish Catholics, for the bound, and to preach what he consideri future management of their cause. It to be error, and then he may be reis. comes, too, from a nobleman who mixes stated. This priestly meddling with opilittle in the politics of the hour, and nions is ridiculous; bat Mr. Thom bas whose advice must be considered as dis- no reason to complain, for as a member interested as it is sagacious. The Earl of the Church of Scotland he is sapposed of Donoughmore, in that part of his to hold such meddling to be right. Our answer to which we allude, says, “Your opinions are probably nearer to tbose of call for the repeal of the restrictions the Presbytery than to those preached by which still affect you, may be loud, una. the deprived minister; we camot, boxnimous and unceasing ; but allow me to ever, help pitying his case, and hoping express a hope that it will be made with that in the next religious conuexion he that moderatiou which becomes the jus. may form, he will not give his assent to tice of your cause, which will deprive a system of rule under wbich a preacher misrepresentation of its most formidable may be punished for his Christian iute. weapons, and reconcile many just and grity. The moral of the story is, that upright men to you, who, from the ef- Church Establishments are radically evil : fects of early habit and education, now it is still a hopeful sign of the times that look upon all your proceedings with jea. Church Power cannot now be exercised lousy and suspicion. Convince such men to the hurt of an individual without es. that they have nothing to apprehend, citing public indignation and leading maand that their fears are imaginary—the ny to scrutinize the grounds of ecclesi. contest is over--the battle is won-your astical claims and to flee spiritual tyranny triumph is certain. You have been des, and to embrace the principle of universal tined to live in most enlightened tiines, and equal religious liberty. - We had when it is impossible for any alliance, written thus far when we read in the holy or unholy, to prevent the spread of newspapers that the friends of Mr. Thoin knowledge, and the amelioration of the have had a meeting and resolved to ereet condition of man, or to prevent the pro. a chapel for him. In this way, the ingress of human affairs towards rational tolerance of Established Churches multiliberty, civil, political and religious. It plies Dissenters; a good effect, we should is your good fortune to be united, I trust say, from an evil cause. with indissoluble ties, with a great, a just, and a reasoning people, amongst whom liberal principles of every kind continue hourly and daily to gain strength.

Lord Byron's Monument. Convince their reason, cultivate their

An elegant Grecian Tablet of white good opinion and affections, and you marble has lately been placed in the will not have long to complain that you Chancel of Hucknal Church, Nottingham. are not placed on the footing of other shire. We subjoin a copy of the inscrip subjects. In my opinion your cause is tion:in your own keeping-nobody can ulti

In the vault beneath, mately defeat it but yourselves."

Where many of the Ancestors of his

Mother are buried,

Lie the remains of Long arm of a Scotch Presbytery: - George Gordon Noel Byron, Lord Byron, Another instance of Scottish Ecclesiastical

Of Rochdale, in the county of Lancaster, interference in Eugland has come before the public. Mr. Thom was licensed and The author of "Childe Harold's Pil ordained by the Presbytery of Glasgow He was born in London, on the 22d

grimage." to a Scotch Church in Rodney Street, Liverpool. Complaints have been lately He died at Missolonghi, in Western

January, 1788; lodged against him for preaching false doctrine, that is, as far as we understand


On the 19th April, 1824, the complaints, high Calvivism. The Presbytery having examined the matter,

Engaged in the glorious attempt to rehave declared the charges found, and

store that country to her ancient

freedom and renowp. have accordingly deprived Mr. Thom of his ministry in the above church : they tell him, however, for his comfort, that their finding does not affect his character

His Sister, as a man, nor hinder him from being a

The Honourable Augusta Maria Leigh, minister of the Church of Scotland. In

Placed this tablet to his memory. other words, he has only to repent of preaching what he believes to be the true


A List of Joint-Stock Companies, the Proposals for which are now, or have

been lately, before the Public. Amount of ascertained Capital, from p. 637, £274,507,240 60 Monkland and Merkentilloch Rail Road

32,000 71 Manchester Ship Canal, 1,000,000, read 1,500,000

500,000 274 Atlantic Steam Navigation Company

600,000 591 Norwich New Corn Exchange

7,000 666 Monmouth Cap to Hereford, Rail Road

25,000 676 New Passage Ferry, 21,000, read 30,000

9,000 685 Egis Fire and Dilapidation and English and Cam.

1,000,000 687 Aberdeen Fire and Life Assurance Company, 500,000, read 750,000

250,000 705 Lambeth Bridge from the Church to the Horse Ferry 200,000 708 Fire Proof Paint Association

50,000 714 Society for Building Lincoln's-Inn Place, 100,000, read 210,000


277,292,240 Solicitors, Bankers

or other persons appointed to receive

Applications for Shares. 717 United Foreign Stock and Share Company Burrell

100,000 718 Equitable Building Society

Ashley 719 Nottingham Water Works Company

720 Preston and Fishwick's ditto ditto
721 St. James' Foreign Wine


100,000 722 National Genuine Porter

Secretary at


Mr. Goodair's 723 London Tallow and Melting ditto


200,000 724 Forth and Deep Fishing


250,000 725 Connaught Joint Stock Banking ditto 726 New Edinburgh Bank

1,000,000 727 Joint Stock Company for Building a Market

place at Belfast 728 Patent Mosaic Gold Works Association


200,000 729 British Commercial Trading Company, Liver. pool to Mexico and Peru

Piercey : 175,000 730 National Company for the Colonization of Columbia, 400,000 Dollars


90,000 731 Company for making an Embankment at, and

building a Bridge over Sutton Wash 732 Alford Canal and Auderby Harbour (Lincoloshire)

Wilson 733 Canal, Goole to Leeds áud Wakefield: 734 Ditto, Cork to Brandon

28,000 735 Ditto, Glastonbury to Highbridge

10,000 736 Ditto, Lough Foyle at Londonderry to Lough

Erne at Ballapsidy 737 Rail Road, Dundee to the Valley of Strathmore :: 738 Ditto Aberdulais to Cwm Dylais (Glamorgan)

Bicknell 739 Ditto Bedley on the Monkland and Mer

kentillock Rail Way to Glasgow 740 Ditto from the Land of Kippy, on the

Monkland and Merkentillock, to

Ballockney, Arbuckle and Arden . 741 Ditto Johnstone to Androssan, County of Ayr.

Campbell 110,000 742 Ditto from the Month of the River Lea to

the Tunnel on the Regent's Canal 743 Ditto Selby to York and Newcastle, with

a Branch to Sunderland 744 Ditto Manchester to Audley


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745 Rail Road, Manchester to Oldham
746 Ditto from Bolton, to join the Manchester

and Liverpool at Eccles.
747 Ditto Extension of the Bolton and Leigh

to join the Manchester and Liver.

pool at Kenyon, near Winwick
748 Ditto Limerick to Carrick (County of Tip-

perary) Floating Churches.—The zeal of the A MANUSCRIPT of the great HOOKER'S, Methodists and the Calvinistic Dissenters the author of the Ecclesiastical Polity, forces the Church of England to do strange has been discovered in Trinity College things. The Floating Chapels were at first Library, Dublin. laughed at; they have however answered ; and to prevent the seamen from being sec. tarianized, it is found necessary to have

FOREIGN. Floating Churches. His Majesty's Govern.

FRANCE. ment has agreed to give ships and fit them

· FRANCE has just lost by death her first out for such parts as may require them on parliamentary orator and one of the the Episcopalian plan, and, where it is most undaunted of her patriots, General necessary, to appoint and pay a clergyman. Fox. The event has produced a great The two Archbishops and some of the sensation in France. The funeral was a principal Bishops are said to have come public procession of thousands of the into the plan; and the Archbishop of friends of freedom, chiefly young men. Dublin has liceused a clergyman for a

The General died poor, leaving several Church Ship and consecrated the said children unprovided for; and a public ship. It may be added amongst the subscription has been set on foot for other ship-news, that the “ Continental raising a monument to his memory and Society" entertain maritime projects, and for portioning his children, which ac propose to have a Missionary Ship or

mounted by the last advices to not less ships to carry Evangelical preachers from than 25,000. This fact proves that country to country and from harbour to there is a stronger feeling in favour of harbour.

freedom in France than we have been accustomed for the last few years to

give our neighbours credit for. And The Rev. James GRAY, M.A., has besides this, there have been two decibeen unanimously chosen by the United sions lately of the Judges, in favour of Associate Congregation at Albion Chapel, persons prosecuted by the Government Moorfields, to be their minister, that for libels—so that the French may still place being vacant by the retirement of boast in some measure of the liberty of the Rev. Alexander Fletcher.

the press. In proof of their having this

great blessing we may observe that the LITERARY.

Revue Encyclopédique, the principal maThe Board of the University of Dub- gazine and review of Paris, has been lin have determined on collecting and recently very bold in its political and publishing, under the superintendence religious strictures. . Its writers are we of the Provost, a uniform edition of the know some of the ablest, and if they Works of Archbishop Usher, many of pursue their present course they will whose MSS. are in their library. A new shew themselves some of the best, men Life will be prepared.

in France.

The Seatonian Prize for the present

ITALY. year has been adjudged to the Rev. J. The Pope has established a PhiloloOVERTON, M. A, of Trinity College, gical College for the encouragement of Cambridge, for his Poem on “ The literature in general. Its members are Building and Dedication of the Second some of the most distinguished literati of Temple."

Italy, viz. Prince Augustine Chigi, the

Abbé Mai, the Chevalier J. G. de Rossi, MR. HYMAN HURWITZ, author of Vin- the Abbé Santucci, the Baron Gilus van diciæ Hebraicæ, &c., has just published de Vivere, the Avocat Guadagni, &c. a volume of Moral Hebrew Tales, trans. This establishment is to rank with the lated from ancient Hebrew works; to other colleges of Rome and Bologna. which is prefixed a popular Essay on the still existing Remains of the uninspired Monsignore ANGELO MAYO, (says a Writings of the ancient Hebrew Sages. letter from Rome,) already celebrated

for his discoveries in the "Palimpsestes,"

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