Imatges de pÓgina


os aluñ an catair, Londún or, London is a fine city. Ir catair aluiñ Londún. hata dub, culajo glas, roo- A black hat, a green suit, white caig bána agus bróga dearga. stockings, and red shoes. Ta me rásta le mo cruc. I am satisfied with my form. Ni fiu e dos inginse. He is not worthy your daugh

ter. Ir mór ata re guzta con He is greatly given to learn

Fóğlaim. Niel ri air son a dadam She is not fit to do any véanar.

thing. Ta me dul a ceañaċ bulóige. I am going to buy a bullock. Ba mhion liom bulóg a ceañać. I would wish to buy a bullock. Crejom a ndja tatair uile cumactac.

I believe in God the Father AlCredim 4 noja un tatair mighty.

uile cumactać. Do riñe Dja un talar Girm. God made the dry land. Do riñe re an talar tirm. He made the land dry. Ir aige Brian ata an lam It is Brian that has the hard cruajó.

hand. Ta an lainn cruaio, le neart The hand is hard by the force oibre.

of work. Ir olc a faras brog cumaing Ill fitteth a straight shoe to a

air coir fritir. Ni brog cumaingan cor The straight shoe makes the

Fricir. Bu ritio duit deoc o'ól, It were time for you to drink agus biad d'ite.

and eat. Ni mjan liom bejt ag ól dige, I do not desire to drink or eat

no 'gic bjó anoir. Se so tig matara.

This is my father's house. Az arairc air mhacnaoir na Looking on the pastimes of the

mban. Do ceanajo me corñ airgit. I bought a silver cup. Reir bararhla na hrle oaoine According to the opinion of all cuinjollac.

men of probity. Ir peise i na Teamar na It is more beautiful than Tarà riž.

of the kings. Ni faca tura teac na Team. You have not seen the house of

Tara. Chuajó re cor loriinoćt, go He went barefooted to the fair haonać na Cairge.

of Carrick

sore foot.

foot sore.



na ?

jr glic na daoine jad
Ir daoine glioca jad. They are prudent people.
Ta riad ina ndaoinib glioca
Ir man lejce mil a cruin- She desires

to gather honjugao.

ney. Ir man lejte bejt cruiñjugao She desires to be gathering homeala.

ney: Ta ar ngiolla, ir 4 gcailin fir Our boy and girl are very dilivjċċjollac.

gent. Ta mata, agus mo máte tin. My father and mother are sick. Ir ro veas a rrle, a béal r'a Her eyes, mouth, and neck are muinéal.

very pretty. Biañ re na čoriinaij oteaċ He dwells in a great extensive rior Farraing

house. Ir glan a bean tiğe . She is a clean housekeeper. Ba inajů a bean margaid í Bhiharana mnaoj nijarzajój She was a good market woman. Bhadar ağ ol dige, ag ite bio, They were eating, drinking, and

Agus ag póra, ban, go oglan marrying, until the day that

laa ndeacaid Naoi ran arc. Noah entered the ark. San gáir gadar no proc.

Without the sound of hounds Gan coimead cuan na cála Nor guarding coasts

nor bars 5ηα. .

bours as usual. Seanáir crjon 43 tapaing A withered old man drawing cloc.

stones. Ta re oul a ceanac brata. He is going to buy malt. Chuajó an cailín amać a The girl went out to milk the

bleagan na mbo. Bhi an cailín 43 jamujo na The girl was seeking to milk the

bac a bleagan. Ta an cailínag iafujo na mbo. The girl is seeking the cows. Ta an gjolla beag ag jamujo The little boy is seeking the na člojċe móire.

great stone. Ta an giolla beag ag jamujo The little boy is trying to lift

an čloc mor ud a togbail. that great stone. Taid ciocrac $ glóir ir 4 They are greedy of glory and Tajobrjor.

riches. Ta riad rantac 4 blat agus They are covetous of fame and mhaoin raogalta.

worldly wealth. Ta rin go majú 4 ni eigin.

That is good for something. Te rejsean 4 ron ni bj¢ He is fit for any thing.

or horn.



Brat urlár ré slada 4 FAD, A carpet six yards long, and

agus tri plada 4 leatad. three yards broad. Teac mor tri fitcead troige A large house sixty feet high,

4 jde, agus a bunaid rect and its foundation seven feet

otroge ooimneact. deep. Leabár og orolac Gjugačo. A book two inches thick. Ta an aman va fiicead The river is forty feet deep.

Groige 4 oomineact. Ir lionnaire na caoirig ná mic The sheep are more numerous oire.

than the wolves. Tiomña uí Dhonaill airdeas- The will of O'Donnel archbi

poic Thuaim, no an card shop of Tuam.

earpoc. Dul cum bainte Chonaill an Going to the wedding of Confir guaposoa, no, an fear nal the new married man.

nuaposou. Ir dollig obair is corrijuil leis It is hard to see such a work.

Fajceál. Ir corruil e le caisleán na It is like the castle of the red croab ruajoe.

branch. B4 maje liom fajail.

I would wish to get it. An doilió leat rubal níos Would you not walk any Faide ?

farther ? Wiar ċajt re morán bjóe. He did not take much meat. Njarċajcse morándon mbjav He did not take much of the meat. Bhi an corñ lán don leañ. The cup was full of the ale. Bhi añ corñ lán leaña. The cup was full of ale. Ir fura dúiñe a veanari. It is easier for us to do it. Bhi taob of corn oub le gual. Her side was as black as coal. Ir pada liom 4 ofan tu. I think you staid long. A bfaca tu roinne a leitid. Did you see such a work berin d'ob?

fore. Ir dolig oo é.

It is hard for him. Ire an fear is mó Angiott is The man who has most money luga carcantar.

has least friendship. Ir Feam duit a feaċaint arír. It is better for you to try it again. Ni ólam nios mo óe anoir.

I will drink no more of it now. Ir gioma deoć ná rgeul. A drink is shorter than a story. Ir gruime or na urja. Gold is more heavy than copper. Ni truimide an loc a lać. The lake is not the heavier for

the duck. Ni maji liom a bejė an ro I do not wish to be here any lonmios Faide.


Ir measa van an fear is He is worse to me who is nearfoigre dan na gaol.

est to me in kindred. No an te ir pajde amać uaim Than he who is furthest out a gcliabnar.

from me in affinity.


1. Ua, or o, signifying a descendant, and mac, a son, are prefixed to the sirnames of men ; Patoruic O'Neill. Patrick O'Neill ; Seamur Whac Seain, James Johnson.

2. But ni and nic are prefixed to the sirnames of women; ni, if the masculine be 0; and nic, if it be mac; as, Waible Ni Neill, Mable O'Neill ; Caitrin Nic Seain, Catharine Johnson.

3. When a person's sirname is asked, the answer is given of the tribe, stock, or branch from which he has his name; as car Floiñead ouit ? of what sirname are you ? door de član O'Neill, of the O'Neills.


Car flojñedo do coriarra? Of what sirname is your neigh

bour ? Do cloiñ thic Giolla Pháoruic Of the Fitzpatricks himself, of

e féin, do fiol Gceallaig 4 the Kelleys his wife, of the bean, do član Artan a ria- M'Artans his mother, and of C4, agus do člojn mic eoin the M'Eoins his mother-ina baincliabain.

law. Ca hainm ada oro?

What is your name? Ulliam rac Neill.

William Neilson. Ba oirfideac oiroeirc Toir- Torlach Carolan was an eminent

vealbać o Cearbullain. musician. Ba aindear aluiñ Cilin nic a Ellen Ward was a fair damsel

Bhaird. Ba fear fearathuil Brian Brian Ward was a brave man.

mac a Bhaird. Concubar O'hara, ir Biblín ni Connor O'Hara, and Evilina

Ara bo 140 Tincloiñ Dhom- O'Hara were children of Danaill ni Ara.

niel O'Hara.


1. Adjectives signifying number precede their substantives; as aon duine, one man; gać rzle la, every day.

2. But if the number be expressed in two or more words, then the substantive follows the first adjective ; as, tri fear déag ir

certre Fitcead, ninety-three men. un rejsend cabjail Fiċċead, the twenty-sixth chapter.

3. Every number, in which do, two, is expressed, requires the substantive in the ablative singular, as, da čloic, two stones.

4. Every number, in which reačo, oct, naoj, dejc, or deag is expressed, requires the substantive in the nominative plural eclipsed; as, react gcloča, seven stones.

5. In speaking of the succession of kings, and the like, the cardinal numeral is rather used than the ordinal; as, Seoirre an tri, George the third ; rather than Seoirre an treas.

6. There are several peculiar forms of expressing the numbers of different species, which may be collected from the tollowing examples :




Do be an céad duine an céad The first man was the first sin

peacać. lúj an se déag, 4 riogar ran Lewis the sixteenth, who reigns Fhrainc.

in France. Leir nar bail oon uile bean To whom there was no woman anain, aċċ Wuire matair. agreeable, but Mary the mo

ther. Ta da člojė riine an ro.

There are two stones of meal

here. Ta ori cloča-cestre cloča There are three, four, five, six,

-cuig cloco,-ré cloċ4– seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, react gcloča-octgcloča – twelve, stones, &c. naojo gcloča-oeic gcloča -aon cloc déag-04 člojė

deag, &c. Ta an da éac is fearr a bie The two best horses are

ag teact anois on Gcurrac. coming from the Curragh. Ta na tri héječ 4 uirit anju The three horses are about to 4 cúrra an Mhullaig. run this day on the course of

Rathfriland. Ta react néić 50 fjor rjajc Seven excellent horses are com

ag teaċt zó Faíte na maja. ing to the Maze course. Ca lion, no ca méad daoine How many persons sat at table ?

do ruió ag an mbord ? Seaċo gcloigne véag, idir Seventeen sculls, (i. e. persons) Fear agus bean.


between men and women. Ca réad cin eallaig ag ha- How many heads of cattle has


your father?

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