Imatges de pÓgina

Etrines of our Salvation: As Abraham declares in the Parable of the rich Glutton, condemned to the Flames of Hell; Ifthey will not believe Mofes and the Prophets; we may with more reafon add, If they will not believe Chrift, and his holy Apoftles, and fo many wonderful Miracles attefting God's Omnipotency, and Revelations from above, neither will they be perfuaded, tho' one rofe from the dead.



I must here acquaint my Reader. That whereas in the former Impreffions of this Book, fome Errata have escaped, whereby the Author's Senfe and Meaning may not be fo clearly exprefs'd as in the Origi nal: And whereas also upon fome Subjects,our reverend Author diftaftes the Reader by two frequent Repetitions in his Prayers,containing Matters and Arguments of the foregoing Chapters: Thefe and fuch trivial Objections have caufed feveral Perfons to find fault not only with the Tranflation, but even the very Book it felf. To remedy therefore any thing of this nature, and to prevent all Complaints of this kind, and that fo excellent and ufeful a Treatife may appear in our own proper and natural Language, not differing in any thing material from the French Copy; but fuited as much as conveniently it may be to the nicer Palates of our prefent Age; I have in this Edition taken the Pains to compare this Tranflation with a Book printed at Berlin, the Court of the King of Pruffia, 1698. I have been in this more exact, and have alter'd Some Words and Phrafes, expreffing more plainly the Author's Meaning, and in Terms more agreeable with our prefent familiar Way of Speaking. Befides, in this Edition of Berlin, I have met with A 4


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two or three Paragraphs which are not in the former French Impreffions, and which I judg'd not convenient to be omitted. Some of the Prayers that feemed too prolix, I have abbreviated, comprehending only the principal Matters. And that nothing might be wanting in this Edition,that might more contribute to the Reader's Satisfaction, I have bere render dinEnglish the last remarkable Paffages of this pious and excellent Minister of Christ, never before printed in our own Tongue, as we find them at the End of the aforementioned Book: That you may here at once, as in a Mirrour, fee the Behaviour,religious Speeches, Faith, Patience and Refignation to the Will of God, of our reverend Divine at his Deceafe, reduc'd into Practice, according to the excellent Advices and Confolations that he recommends to us, to arm our felves against the Apprehenfions and Approaches of Death.


I have no more to add; But I befeech our merciful and heavenly Father to grant us all the Grace, the like Faith, and Chriftian Refolution, that we may not fear Death nor its Confequences; but may be always ready prepared and provided to embrace it with Joy and Submiflion to the Pleasure of God and the Decrees of Heaven, whenever our Almighty Creator and Redeemer fhall think fit to fummon us, and take us to himself. Amen.


M. D.

His Book in the Original hath been fo well approv'd of by all Perfons, tho of Judgments in Religion, it hath been about twenty Times printed in France, befides what hath been done in Holland, and elsewhere, in other Languages: It is of very great afe to Divines for Funeral Sermons; and is very fit to be given away by well-difpofed Perfon's at Funerals, and of excellent ufe to every "Chriftian Reader,






Mrs. V E A L,

The next Day after her DEATH,





The 8th of September 1705.

Which APPARITION recommends the Perufal of DRELINCOURT's Book of Confolations against the Fears of Death.

The Tenth EDITION.

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HIS Relation is Matter of Fact, and attended with fuch Circumstances, as may induce any reasonable Man to believe it. It was fent by a Gentleman, a Justice of Peace at Maidstone in Kent, and a very intelligent Perfon, to his Friend in London, as it is here worded: Which Difcourfe is attefted by a very fober and underStanding Gentlewoman, a Kinfwoman of the faid Gentleman's, who lives in Canterbury, within a few Doors of the House in which the within nam'd Mrs. Bargrave lives; who believes his Kinf woman to be of fo difcerning a Spirit, as not to be put upon by any Fallacy; and who pofitively af fur'd him, that the whole Matter, as it is related and laid down, is what is really true; and what fhe her felf had in the fame Words (as near as may be) from Mrs. Bargrave's own Mouth, who, fhe knows, had no Reason to invent and publish fuch a Story, or any Defign to forge and tell a Lye, being a Woman of much Honesty and Vir



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