Imatges de pÓgina

Robert Hopwood, Esq.
Doctor Hall
Mrs. Hall
George Holford, Esq.
Mrs. Holford
Miss C. Mordaunt
Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, 2 Copies
Mrs. Spencer Perceval, 2 Copies
Lord Castlereagh
Viscountess Castlereagh
Lady Maria Hamilton

Acklom, Esq.
Mrs. Acklom
Miss Acklom

Holloway, Esq.
Mrs. Hawkins
Miss S. Marriot
Rey. R. Marriot
Dowager Countess of Liverpool
Lady Mary Erskine
Mrs. Cornwall
Robert Jenkinson, Esq.
Robert Willimot, Esq.
William Gifford, Esq.
Dr. Ireland, 2 Copies
Mrs. Ireland, 2 Copies
Earl of Hardwick
Countess of Hardwick
Mrs. Barker
Mrs. C. Conyers

Mrs. Walton Viscount Grimston Viscountess Grimston The Bishop of Oxford, 2 Copies The Dean of Christchurch, 2 Copies Doctor Hay, 2 Copies Doctor Howley, 2 Copies Doctor Burton, 2 Copies The President of St. John's, 2 Copies The Warden of All Souls, 2 Copies The Warden of Merton, 2 Copies Mr. Conybear, 2 Copies The late Bishop of London Mrs. Porteus Lord Powis Lady Rossmore Rey. Mr. Dutens Mrs. Morant Mrs. Hayes Mrs. Hood James Delap, Esq. James Hume, Esq. John Hudlestone, Esq. Miss Mary Hudlestone Countess Clermont Captain Searle, 5 Copies Mrs. Searle, 5 Copies Captain George Jenkinson Hon. General Harcourt Hon. Mrs. Harcourt

Lady Elizabeth Foster
Lady H. Cavendish
Mademoiselle St. Jules
Rev. Richard Yates, Chelsea, 2 Sets
Rev. William Yates, Shacklewell
The Bishop of Worcester
Rev. Mr. Gill
Rey. Mr. Dick

Kennett, Esq.
The Dowager Lady de Clifford, 2 Copies
Mrs. Udney
Lord Rivers
Right Hon. Lady Teignmouth, 2 Copies
Countess of Macclesfield
Countess of Chatham
Dowager Lady Langham
Lady Mary Fitzgerald
Lady Caroline Dundas
Mrs. Gosling, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields
Mrs. Richardson, King's Road
The Rev. Richard Ormerod, 2 Copies
James Allan Park, Esq.
Mrs. Park
Rey. Dr. Andrewes
Mrs. Andrewes
The Lord Bishop of Salisbury
Mrs. Fisher
Bishop of Bangor, (now Bishop of London)
Mrs. Randolph
Hon. Mrs. Phipps

Sir Henry Lusbington
Lady Lushington
M. Lewis, Esq. 2 Copies
Rey. James Greville
Duchess Dowager of Leeds, 2 Copies
Lady Francis Harper
William Jenney, Esq.
Mrs. Jenney
Countess Harcourt
Countess of Waldegrave
Robert Ramsden, Esq.
Her Grace the Duchess of Dorset
Lady Harrowby
Countess of Mansfield, Great Cumberland Street,

2 Copies
Major-General Cartwright
Miss Vansittart, 22, Wimpole Street
Mrs. Price
Hon. Lady A. Wellesley
Mrs. Robert Thornton
George Freke Evans, Esq.
Miss S. Atkinson
Mrs. and Miss Chalfield, 2 Copies
Lady Lake
Mrs. H. Townshend
Rev. D. Lowe, M. A. No. 2, Belgrave-Street
Miss Oakes, ditto
Dowager Lady Hervey, 1, Clarges-Street
The Hon. Mrs. Strode
Mr. and Mrs. Fuller, 2 Copies

S. Chilver, Esq.
General Jones, 3, Great Cumberland-Place
Mrs. Jones, ditto
Miss Anne Rich, ditto
General Balfour
Miss Mordaunt
Mrs. M. Eccles, 17, College-Hill, Queen-Street,

Mr. Osborne
Mr. Ricketts
Mrs. Ricketts
Mr. Treyoso
Mrs. Legge
Mrs. Chester
Miss Chester
Mrs. Hawkins
Thomas Holloway, Esq.
Friend, 51.
Captain and Mrs. Davies, 3 Copies each
Rev. Simon Davis, 2 Copies
Miss Davies, 2 Copies
Lady Milton
Rey. Thomas Ashurst
Mr. and Mrs. Ashurst, 2 Copies
J. Weyland, Esq.
Lady E. Alexander
Lord Mulgrave
Lady Mulgrave.

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