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them of their approaching Dif folution; they may then be InAtructed what to Do How to behave themselves both to God and Man; in what Manner, and with what Circumstances, they may think of Leaving this World before they Enter into



the next.

Accordingly, through Divine Affiftance, I do now Publish (what fonie Time fince was Promifed) A Method of Devotion for Sick and Dying Per fons With Particular Dire&tions, from the Beginning of Sicknefs to the Hour of Death? lidus ant mon Bads!

I have treated this Subject with the greatest Plainness, and bave endeavoured to be faithful PA


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to my Titles by Omitting No thing, which may be thought neceffary, for the Inftruction or Comfort of a Sick and Dying. Perfon.

I have largely Examined the Great Point of Reftitution And have Particularly preffed it upon the Confcience of the Sick Man. And if what I have faid on that Occafion shall not be pleafing, I cannot help it. have this to fupport me against. the sharpest Cenfures 3 I have been faithful in this Inftance, and have done but my Duty


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The Prayers are chiefly col lected from the Publick Offices of our Church: Or else, from the Devotions of fuck Venerable Names, as fufficiently reA 4


commend them to all Regular and Pious Chriftians.


The Texts of Scripture are Methodized with Care and Diligence. And I have endeavoured to Place them in their true Light ; fo as to strengthen and explain each other.

And that this Difcourfe may be more ufeful, I must defire. my Reader not to Mistake the Title: Or to fancy, That because it is. Directed to fuch PerJons, that therefore none are concerned to look into it, or to take notice of this, or fuch like Difcourfes, till they are Sick and Dying.

This, I doubt, is a common and fatal Mistake. For we are all too apt, to put far from us the evil Day.


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And therefore to avoid this dangerous Rock, upon which too many have Split, and Shipwreck'd their Hopes of Heaven, 'tis pertinent to Admonish; That there is a Twofold Preparation for Death. Habitual, and Actual.

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The Habitual Preparation, is Providing Oyl for our Lamps; or, Grace into our Souls. The Actual Prepara tion, is the Trimming of our Lamps, in the Exercife of thofe Graces...

The former of these is the Business of our whole Lives, in the Days of Health and Vigor. The latter is expected from us, in the Time of Sickness, and at the Hour of Death.

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And to be yet more plain and diftinct, Lexpress my Self thus, It is the Sick Man's Duty, To bear his Sickness with Patience. To Repent him truly of his Sins. To be in Charity with all the World. To have Faith and Truft in God. And to be willing to Die.

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But now unless the Sick Man hath Practifed thefe Duties in the Time of his Health; How can he expect the Comfort of them, when he comes to Die?

To make this more Practical, I beg the freedom of the following Advice.


Since a frequent Meditation of Death, is the beft Introduction to a due Preparation for it;


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