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suddenly was he called from early labours on earth to an early and eternal reward in heaven.


The friend, who has kindly presented these manuscripts to the Religious Tract Society observes, "It is remarkable that, in Mr. Spencer's watery translation to a better world, was literally answered a petition often used by him, in a favourite hymn which he pointed out to me, and used to repeat with his well-known energy :'O let me praise thee while I live, And praise thee when I die!

And praise thee when I rise again,

And through eternity!'

"Nor can it be doubted that, although he could not repeat it at the time with the lip, yet that he left our world in the spirit of another of his favourite verses, written by the same author:

'Since none can see Thy face and live,

For me to die is best;

Who would not into Jordan dive,

To land in Canaan's rest?""

Mr. John Haddon.

The same friend remarks: "I cannot employ these Sermons more suitably to the views of the glorified Spencer than by blending their usefulness with that of your Institution; thus completing the closing design of his life in behalf of your cause, which he was prevented by death from fulfilling."

As these Sermons will probably be read by many who are engaged in, or preparing for, the christian ministry, the following additional observation is especially deserving of their attention: "It was invariably from communion with God in the closet, that Spencer passed to what he described as 'that awful place, -a pulpit.' Those who heard him, will not easily forget the devotional simplicity and fervour of soul which he manifested when proclaiming the glories of the Redeemer, nor the sparkling of his eye while pronouncing that adorable name to which

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every knee shall bow.' I indeed rejoice, that by the circulation of these Sermons through the extensive channels of your

Institution, my departed friend's usefulness will be continued and extended, and that he, being dead, will yet speak; for 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth; Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their la bours, and their works do follow them.'

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The Committee of the Religious Tract Society, in presenting these Sermons to the public, feel persuaded that they will be found eminently calculated for usefulness; and they trust that, through the divine blessing, they will produce similar, and even more extensive benefits, than when delivered from the pulpit. It is necessary to state, that Mr. Spencer, when preaching, did not strictly confine himself to what he had written; but he made frequent enlargements, especially at the close, and in the application of his ser


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