Imatges de pÓgina

WARBURTON, Bishop, Comment on his Alliance quoted on

Pilate's question, "What is truth," ji. 262.
Warnings, of our mortality, how numerous and frequent, iii.

Wealth, or worldly greatness, how to be estimated in Christ's

kingdom, ii. 265.
WESLEY, Mr. John his extravagant sentiments about bap-

tism, ii. 369. his inconsistent conduct, 341. reprobated the

modern catholic charity, ii. 460.
Whitfield, Mr. George, his sentiments on baptism, ii. 339.
Williams, Miss Ann, some account of her happy death, iii.

242. the subject improved, 243. view of her experience,

and ground of hope. 255.
WILLIAMS, Dr. Edward, his rashness in attempting to in-

vestigate the origin of moral evil, reprimanded, iii. 407.
WILSON, Mr. David, quoted, ii. 7.
Wilton, Mr. address at his grave, iii. 263. his christian

character and happy death, 267. the subject improved, 268.
Witherspoon, Dr. his correct views of acceptable obedience,

ü. 408.
WITsius, how he contrasts the law and the gospel, ü. 19.

quoted on the meaning of “the kingdom of Christ,” 243.

Word of truth, (or the gospel) the instrument of regenera-

tion, 120. and of sanctification, ibid. the ground of charity,

Worship of the christian church, its spirituality described, ii.


Youth, addressed on the concerns of their souls, iii. 245, 257.
ZANCHIUS, quotation from, ii. 345.

J. Haddon, Printer, Tabernacle Walk.

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