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Equivocation. Speaking the truth Falling away. See Perseverance.
in doubtful and equivocal expres- Family worship daily, required of
sions, to the prejudice of truth or God, con. xxi. 6.
justice, sinful, cat. 145.

Fasting. Religious fasting, a duty,
Eucharist. See Lord's Supper.

cat. 108. Solemn fasting a part of
Exaltation of Christ, con. viii. 4. cat.

religious worship, con. xxi. 5.
51. In his resurrection, cat. 52.

Fellowship. See Communion.
In his ascension, cat. 53.

In his

Foreknowledge. All things come to
sitting at the right hand of God, pass infallibly according to the
cat. 54. In his coming to judge

foreknowledge of God, con. v. 2.
the world, cat. 56.

Forgiveness. See Pardon.
Self-examination, cat. 171.

Fornication committed after contract
Excommunication, con. XXX. 2, 3, 4.

of marriage, a just ground of dis-
Expiation. Sin cannot be expiated

solving the contract, con. xxiv. 5.
but by the blood of Christ, cat.

Fortune. To ascribe any thing to

fortune, is sinful, cat. 105.

Free-will. See Will.
Faite, what, con. xiv. 2. cat, 72,

Frugality, a duty, cat. 141.
God requireth nothing of sinners
that they may be justified, but

faith in Christ, con. xi. 1. cat. 71.
Which he requireth as the condi-

GAMING. Wasteful gaming forbici.
tion to interest them in the Media.

den, cat. 142.
tor of the covenant of grace, cat. Glory. The communion in glory
32. It justifies a sinner in the with Christ, which believers enjoy
sight of God only as it is an in in this life, con. xviii. 1, 2, 3. cat.
strument by which he receiveth 83. Immediately after death; con.
Christ and his righteousness, con.

xxxii, 1. cat. 86. At the resur-
xi. 2. cat. 73. Faith is the gift of

rection and day judgment, con.
God, con, xi. 1. cat. 71. It being xxxii. 3. xxxiii. 2. cat. 87, 90.
the work of the Spirit, con. xiv. 1.

The Glory of God the end of his
cat. 59, 72. It is ordinarily

decrees, con. iii. 3. cat. 12. The
wrought by the ministry of the

glory of his grace the end of elec-
word, con. xiv. 1. Increased and


tion, con. iii. 5. cat. 13.
strengthened by the word, sacra-

glory of his justice the end of the
ments, and prayer, ib.

Often decree of reprobation, con. iii. 7.
weakened, but always gets the

cat. 13. The glory of his eternal
victory, con. xiv. 3. Growing up

power, wisdom, and goodness, the
in many to a full assurance, cen. end of the creation, con. iv. l.
xiv. 3, cat. 80.

Good works the The manifestation of the glory of
fruit and evidence of true faith,

his wisdom, power, justice, good.
con. xvi. 2. cat. 52, Which is ness, and mercy, is the end of all
never alone, but always accompa-

God's works of providence, con.
nied with all other saving graces,

v. 1. cat. 18. The end of God's
and is no dead faith, but worketh

appointing the last judgment is
by love, con. xi. 2. cat. 73.

the manifestation of the glory of
Fall of man, the nature and effects of

his mercy and justice, con. xxxii. 10,
it, con. vi. cat. 21, 23, 25, 27, 28,

To glorify God is the chief end of
Why permitted, con. vi. 1.

God is glorified by
How all niankind concerned in it,

good works, con. xvi. 2.
con. vi. 3. cat. 22.

Gluttony, a sin, cát. 139.
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man, cat. 1.

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ness, con. xiii, 1, 3. cat 75. And are

God. The light of nature sheweth is manifested in the second core-
that there is a God, con. xxi. 1. cat. 2.

nant, con. vii. 3. cat. 32. Effectual The Ho-
What it declares concerning him, calling is of God's free and special

and of our duty to him, con. i. 1.


grace, con. X. 2. cat. 67. Justifica-
xxi. 1. It is not sufficient to give tion is only of free grace, con. zi.
that knowledge of God, and of his 3. cat. 70, 71. Adoption is an

By h
will, which is necessary unto salva act of free grace, con. xii. cat. 74.

tion, con. i. 1. cat. 2.' The attri The communion in grace which
butes or perfections of God, con. believers have with Christ, cat. 69.

ü. 1, 2. cat. 7, 101. There is but All saving graces are the work of

one only God, con. ii. l. cat. 8. the Spirit, con. xii, xiv, IV. cat. 32,

There are three persons in the

72, 75, 76, 77. And do always

Godhead, distinguished by per-

accompany faith, con. xi. 2. cat. 73.
sonal properties, con. ii. 3. cat. 9, Perseverance in grace, con. xvii

10. The co-equality of the per-

cat. 79. Increase in grace, cora

sons proved, cat. 11. To him is xüi. 1, 3. cat. 75, 77. Assurance

due froin all his creatures, whatso-

of grace, éono xvii. cat. 80, 81.
ever worship, service, or obedi-

ence, he is pleased to require, con.
ii. 2. Our duty to God, cat. 104, Harden. Why and how sinners
108, 112, 116. What contrary

are hardened, con. v. 6. Believers
to it, cat. 105, 109, 113, 119.

may have their hearts hardened,
Religious worship is to be given

con. xvii. 3.
to God the Father, Son, and Holy Head. The elect are inseparably
Ghost, and to him alone; and that united to Christ as their head, como
only in the mediation of Christ,

XXV. 1. xxvi. 1. cat. 64, 66. Ho
con. xxi. 2. cat. 179, 181. God is

is the only head of the churah,
to be worshipped in that way only

con. XXV. 6.
which he hath instituted in the Hearing. What is required of those
scriptures, con. xxi. 1. cat. 109. that hear the word preached, como
To glorify God, and fully to en xxi, 5. cat. 160.
joy him for ever, is the chief end Heaven, the state of the blessed, cons
of man, cat. I.

xxxii. 1. xxxiii. 2. cat. 86, 90.
Good works. See Works.

Hell, the state of the damned, con.
Gospel. How the covenant of grace

xxxü. 1. xxxiii. 2. cat, 29, 86, 89.
is administered under the gospel,
con. vii. 6. cat. 35. Without the

Creed, He descended into hell, cało
gospel no salvation, con. X. 4. cat. 50.
60. in it Christ doth not dissolve Hereticks to be rejected, cat, 105.
but strengthen the obligation to

Holiness. God is most holy in all
the obedience of the moral law,
con. xix. 5. Believers under the
gospel have a greater boldness of

after the image of God, con. iv

, 2.
access to the throne of grace, than
believers under the law did ordi-

narily partake of, con. xx. 1.
Government. See Church, Magi-

The Grace of God. Election is of

God's mere free grace, con. iii. 5.
cat. 13. How the grace of God

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The meaning of these words in the

his counsels, works, and commands

con. ii. 2. Man was created holy

cat. 17. But by the fall he be-
came wholly defiled, con. vi. 2.
Believers are, by the sanctifying
Spirit of Christ, quickened and
strengthened to the practice of holi-
made perfectly holy in heaven, cene
xxxii, 86,90. Soe Sanctification.


The Holy Ghost equal with the Fa. ster ends, sinful, cat. 113. The

ther, con. ii. 3. cat. ll. He is hypocrite's hope, con. xviii. 1.
promised to the elect in the cove Hypostatical. See Personal.
nant of grace, con. vii. 3. cat. 32.
By him they are united to Christ,

I con. xxvi. 1. For by him the re IDLENESS unlawful, cat, 139, 142. demption purchased by Christ is Idolatry, all the kinds of it forbidapplied to them, con. viii. 8. xi. 4. den, cat. 105, 109. All monucat. 58, 59. By him they are ments of idolatry ought to be reeffectually called, con. X. 1. cat. moved, cat. 108. 67. And have faith wrought in Jests. Perverting the scriptore to their hearts, con. xiv. 1. cat. 59, profane jests, sinful, cat. 113. 72. He is given to them in adop Jesus, why so called, cat. 41. See tion, çon. xii, cat. 74. And apply.

Christ. ing the death and resurrection of Ignorant, not to be admitted to the Christ to them, by his powerful Lord's table, con. xxix. 8. cat. 173. operation, they are sanctified, con. Image. Man made after the image xiii. 1. cat. 75. Having repent

of God, in knowledge, righteousance wrought, and all other sav ness, and holiness, can. iv. 2. cat. ing graces infused into their hearts, 17. This image renewed by con. xiii. 1. cat. 32, 75, 76, 77. sanctification, 'cat. 75. And fully Through the continual supply of perfected in heaven, con. xxxii. 1. strength from him, believers grow cat. 86, 90. in grace, con. xiii. 3. cat. 75. The Image.worship of all kinds discharoutward means are by him made ged, cat. 109. effectual to the elect for salvation, Imputation. The guilt of Adani's con. vii. 5, 6. XXV. 3. cat. 155, 161. first sin is imputed to all his poPrayer is to be made by his help, sterity, con. vi. 3. The obedience con. xxi, 3. cat. 182. Ability to and satisfaction of Christ is impudo good works is from him, cor.

ted to believers, con, xi. 1. cat. 70. Assurance of faith is at. His righteousness is imputed to tained by his witnessing with our

them, cat. 71, 77. spirits that we are the children of Incarnation of Christ, con. viii. 2. cat. God, con. xviii. 2. cat. 80. By his abiding within believers, they are Incest discharged, cat. 139. Incessecured from falling totally away tuous marriages, which are within from the state of grace, and are the degrees of consanguinity or kept by the power of God through affinity forbidden in the scriptures, faith unto salvation, con. xvii. 2. can never be made lawful, con. cat. 79.

xxiv, 4. Hope of glory, con. xviii. 1. cał. 83. Unjust Inclosures and depopulations

The hope of hypocrites, con. xviii. forbidden, cat. 142.

Increase of grace is from a continual Humiliation of Christ, con. vii. 2, 4. supply of strength from the sanca

cat, 46. In his conception and tifying Spirit of Christ, con. xiii.
birth, cat. 47. In his life, cat. 48. 1, 3. cat. 75, 77.
In his death, cat. 49. After death, Innocency. The state of man in in
cat. 50.

nocency, con. iv. 2. cat. 17, 20. Hypocrisy.. Making profession of Infants, how saved, con. x. 3. Ina religion in hypocrisy, or for sini. fants of one or both believing


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37, 39.

cc 5.

* magistrate

power, co King

. Chri.

con. XXX. the office meant by

dom, cat. Knowledge

fuite, i upon the knowled God an the light cat. 1. sufficier of God necessa:


cat. 13 Land-me


The judg- KEYS. The power of the keys,

parents are to be baptized, con. Judicial law. See Law.
xxviii. 4. cat. 166.

The justice of God fully satisfied by
Ingrossing commodities to enhance Christ's obedience and death, con.

their price unlawful, cat. 142. viï. 5. xi. 3. cat. 38, 71. It is
Inspiration. The books of the Old manifested in the works of provi-

and New Testament are given by dence, con. v. 1. In the justifica-
inspiration of God, con. i. 2. But tion of sinners, con. xi. 3. In the
the Apocrypha is not of divine in last judgment, con. xxxiii. 2.
spiration, con. i. 3.

Justice in contracts and commerce
Intercession. How Christ makes in. between man and man, cat. 141,
tercession, cat. 55. It is a part of

his priestly office, cat. 44. He Justification, what, con. xi. 1. cat

. 70.
makes intercession, that the re All the elect, and they only, are
demption which he hath purchas.

justified, con. iii. 6. Whom God ed may be applied to all believers, did from all eternity decree to con. viii. 8. cat. 55. And their

justify, con. xi. 4. But they are perseverance depends upon his not justified till the Holy Spirit continual intercession for them,

doth' in due time actually apply con. xvii. 2. cat. 79.

Christ unto them, ib. How justi

. Joy in the Holy Ghost the fruit of fication is of God's free grace, con assurance, con. xviii. 1, 2. cat. 83.

xi. 3. cat. 71. Faith is necessarily Believers, by falling into some sins,

required for justification, cat. 71. may grieve the Spirit, and be de But it justifies a sinner only as it prived of some measure of their

is an instrument, by which he recomfort, con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4.

ceiveth Christ and his righteous Judge. Christ the judge of the

ness, con. xi. 1, 2. cat. 73. The world, con. viii. 1, 4. xxxiii. 1.

exact justice, and rich grace of How he shall come at the last day,

God, are both glorified in the cat. 56.

justification of sinners

, con. xi. 3. The judgments of God upon sinners

Justification the same under the in this world, con. v. 6. cat. 28,

Old Testament as under the New, 83. How believers may bring

con. xi. 6. It is inseparably joined temporal judgments on theniselves,

with sanctification, cat

. 77. How con, xvii. 3.

God is just and terrible in his judgments, con. ii. 1.

justified are perfectly freed in this The last judgment, what, con. xxxiii.

life from the revenging wrath of 1. Appointed for angels and men,

God, that they never fall into con-
con. viii. 4. xxxiii. 1. cat. 88. The

demination, con. xvii. 1. cat. 77, 79.
end of its appointment is the mani-
festation of God's mercy and jus-

con. vi. 5. xiii. 2. cat. 78. They
tice, con. xxxiii. 2. Christ shall

fall into many sins, con. xvii

. 3. cat.
be the judge, con. vii. 4. xxxiii. 1.
How he shall come to judge the
world, cat. 56. Why he would
have us certainly persuaded of it,
con. xxxiii. 3. Why the time of it

faith and repentance, con. xi. 5.
is concealed, con. xxxiii. 3. cat. 88.
The judgment of the righteous,

con. xxxiii. 2. cat. 90.
ment of the wicked, con. xxxiii. 2.

what, con. XIX. 2.

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The di

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they differ, ib. Those that are

ger The

Gi ful TE of be

But corruption remaining in them,


78. Which God continues to forgive, upon their humbling them. selves, confessing their sins

, beg. ging pardon, and renewing their


cat. 89,

to church-officers, ib. The civil



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magistrate may not assume this tain to righteousness and life, con. power, con. xxiii. 3.

xix. 6. cat. 94.

Which Christ King. Christ the King of his church, alone hath purchased for the elect

con. xxx. 1. How he executeth hy his perfect obedience, 'con. viii. the office of a king, cat. 45. What 5. Yet it is of great use to all, meant by the coming of his king con. xix. 6. cat. 95. The use of it dom, cat. 191.

to the regenerate, con. xix. 6. cat. Knowledge. God's knowledge is in 97. The use of it to the unre. finite, infallible, and independent

generate, cat. 96.

Not contrary upon the creature, con, i. 2. The

to the grace of the gospel, but knowledge which may be had of doth sweetly comply with it, con. God and of our duty to him by xix. 7. The Spirit of Christ subthe light of nature, con. i. 1. xxi. 1. duing and enabling the will of cat. I. The scriptures are only man unto a free and cheerful sufficient to give that knowledge obedience to the will of God, con. of God and of his will which is xix. 7. cat. 32. necessary unto salvation, ib. Unnecessary Law-suits to be avoided,

eat. 141, 142. L

Liberty. Christian liberty, what, Labour is to be moderately used,

con. xx. 1. Wherein it is enlarcat. 135, 136.

ged nder the gospel, ib.

The Land-marks not to be removed, cat.

end of Christian liberty, con. XX. 3. 142.

Liberty to sin inconsistent with it, Law. The Ceremonial Law, what,

ib. It is not intended to destroy con. xix. 3. It is abrogated now ecclesiastical or civil powers, but under the New Testament, con.

to support and preserve them, con. xix. 3. XX. 1. How the covenant xx. 4. Neither are men thereby of grace was administered under allowed to publish opinions, or the law, con. vii. 5. vii. 6. cat. maintain practices, that are con34.

trary to the light of nature, or to The Judicial Law expired with the the known principles of Christia

state of the Jews, con. xix. 4. nity, or such as are destructive of And obliges no further than the the peace and order of the church, general equity of it requires, ib.

ib. The Moral Law, what, cat. 93.

Liberty of conscience, what it is, and Given to Adam with a power to

what repugnant to it, con. XX. 2. fulfil it, con. iv. 2. xix. 1. cat, 92. Making men the lords of our faith The ten commandments the sum and conscience unlawful, con. XX. of it, con. xix. 2. cat. 98. Though 2. cat. 105. believers are not under it as a co

Life. Eternal "life purchased by venant, con. xix. 6. And are not Christ's perfect obedience to the able perfectly to keep it, cat. 149. law, con. viii. 5. The tree of life Yet it continues to be a perfect was a pledge of the covenant of rule of righteousness, con. xix. 2.

works, cat. 20.

The life of any Binding all, as well justified per

not to be taken away except in sons as others, con. xix. 5. Christ, case of publick justice, lawful war, in the gospel, having not abolish or necessary defence, cat. 136. ed, but much strengthened the Light of nature,

what may

be obligation to the obedience of it, known of God and of our duty to ib. And although no man since him by it, con. i: 1. xxi. 1. cat. 2. the fall can, by the moral law, at

It is nat sufficient to make us wise
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