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the land it self with barrennesse, that neither the fig tree nor the vine should relieve them, nor the olive, nor the fields, nor the foulds, yet the Church will not despair of the loving kindnefle of the Lord toward them.

This land 10 long promised to the feed of Abraham, so long expected, and at last by them possessed is much praised in Scripture.

God himself calleth it a good land, and a large, a land flowing Exod.3.8. with milk and honey.

And so the spics that were sent to search it, brought word, and Nu:1.83.9 they brought of the fruit, and fewed it to the people.

Again, for the Lord thy God bringerh thee into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains, and depths, that spring out of valleys and hils.

Á land of wheat, and barley, and wines, and fig trees, and pomegranates, a land of oil, olive, and hony.

A Land wherein thon soult eat bread without scarcenelle, thou fhalt not lack

any thing in it, a land whose stores are iron, and out of whose hils thou mayest dig brasse..!

It was one of the miracles of the earth, and the full blesling of the Lord was upon it, for the land was small both in length and breadth as all the Charts thereof describe it.

For from Dan to the river of Egypt, which is somewhat further then Beerfheba,it was litle more then three hundred miles, which was the length of it, and in the broadest place thereof it was not an hundred, yea do I put ic in this accompt, all the land on this side fordan, the portion assigned to Reuben, Gad, - and the half tribe of Manasseb.

Yer'did it contein two great Kingdomes, of fudah and Israel, and in Davids time, there were numbred init thirteen hun- 2 Chron. dred thousand fighting men, which cannot in probable com- 24. putation be more then a fourth part of the people, seeing aged men, women and children, and all under twenty years of age are not reckoned, and this land fed them all, much is said by heathen writers of the fruitfulnesse of this land, and as great a wonder is it of the change thereof now,for travailers do report it at this time to be a barren and unfruitfull land:

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it is in the poffeffion' of Gods enemies, and David faith.

A fruitfull land maketh he barren, for the iniquity of the people that dwelt therein.

De verbis haltenus, of the words hitherto.
The parts of this Sedion are two."it','
51 The fear of the Charch.

22 The misery of the Land.
- In the first, 1 obferve also three things.

I The cause of this fear.

The fear it felf.
3 The effect hereof.
In the second, the misery of the land.
It is diftrest in the three great commodities of life.
şi In the trees yielding fruit.

2 Inthe soil yielding corne.

3. In the flocks yielding encrease:

1 Of the fear of the Church, and therein.

1 Of the cause of this fear in these words, when I heard. Dóct. The commination of Gods judgments, doth make the

Church of God to fear.“
-.- Because this openeth to man his conscience, and decla-
reth to him his fin, for wekaow that God is gratious and mer-

, and long suffering, and hideth his hand in his bosome, chis mercy doth often pull it out, and openeth it, and he filleth the hungry with good things, his mercy stretcheth it out often to gather together bis chofen, to defend them from evill, to Itay and fupport them.

If his indignacion do pluck it out, it is a sign that fin hath provoked him, and therefore we read what of old was the 0 practise of the Church. If there were any judgment abroad, .; presently they made search for the fin, that had provoked

God to it; for they knew him fo just, that he will not smite
without cause.

God taught 70sia this, when the men of Ai smote the men
of Israel, and made them to fly before them fofhua went to the
Lord to make his moan, and God told him.
Ifrael bath finned... :



And so there was a present search made by the commandement of the Lord throughout all Ifrael, to finde our che finner, and Aehan was defected. He's

In like manner, when Saul had made a vow that none of: his army should taft any food till night, and fonathan not hearing of the commandement had eaten'a liccle hony upon the end of his rod, bee went to advise with God concerning the pursuit of the Philiftimes, by night, and God answered him not, wherefore Saul said.

Draw you neer bither all the chief of the people, and know and see 1 Sam.14. wherein this fin bath been this day.

And this is so naturall a quest, as that whofoever do ac-
knowledg a divinity cannot bucupon the sense of judgment or
the fear of it presently conclude, God offended with some fins.

So the Mariners in the great forme in fonah, said, every one
to his fellow. Come and let m cáff lue's, that we may know for Jonah 1.7.
whose canfe this evill is upon us :

The confideration of Gods judgments do breed fear in re- Reas.2. spect of God, whose judgments they are. 'Før, he is so quick lighted to discerne our fins, that he feeth all, noohing can be bidden from him, but all lyeth open and naked to his fight.

2 Hee is so wife, to weigh the fins that we commit, put-
ting into the scales the incitements and temptations, the cira,
cumstances of time, person, place, number, even the very af-
fection, wherewith finis committed.

3. He is so just as not to impute more sin to us then we
have committed, not to abate any of that we have mif-done,
5:4 He is so boly, as not to abide or appear the least evill,
for he is a God that hateth iniquity.
1:5 He is so powerfull, as to avenge it with his judgment,
and he hath all sorts of instruments of vengeance to punish
::-6 Heis Ubiquitarie, as that no remove can avoyd him, his
presence filleth all places piscina,

7 He is so true of his word, that heaven and earth shall
passe, but no part of his Word shall fail, till all be fulfilled.

8. He is one that cannot repent of any thing that he peremptorily decreeth.


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All these things do deciare, chat there is great cause to fear,

when he threatneth. use. The Apostle teachech us the use of this point, wilt thou not Rua 3.3. then be afraid of the power? do that which is good, then falt thou have

praise of the same.

This is the way to make us seek the face of God, che first sin

ners fled from the presence of God behind the trees in che garGen.3.19.

den, Adam confessed to God.I heard thy voice in the garden and I was afraid.

A good life is a good fence against fear, Solomon faith: the righteous is bold as a lyon.

Perfect love casteth out fear, for perfect love is the fulfilling of the law, where our love falleth short, there fear fillech the empty and void room.

The voyce of the Lord is comfortable, and his words are

sweet to thote chat fear him, he will speak peace unto his peo: Plul.85.8. ple, and to his Saints: But let them at turn aguin to folly. So Da

vid resolves there. I will hear what the Lord will peak

It is a plain fign, that all is not well with us, when the voyce of God doth cast us into fear, when we are afraid to hear the Word preached, when just reproofs of our sins are unwelcome to us, and anger us, and make us think the worse of our Minister charchideth and threatneth us. 19 - A good life and a well governed conversation, doth not fear the voyce of God: the Word of God is the light which God hach let upin his Church to guide her feet in the wayes of peace, they that do evill, hate the light, and will not come neer it, left their works should be reproved, the children of the light resort to it, and call upon God, search my reins and my heart, and see if there be any way of wickednetie in


This fear of the Clwrch is not joyned either with obstinacy against God, or murmuring at his judgments, or despair of his mercy, it is that rear, which is one of the effects of a godly forrow, and it is one of the documents to true repentance, it is the hammer and mallet of God, wherewith he bruisech us, and breakech us, that we may be truly humbled under his al

-mighty hand:it is that fearwhich the spirit of bondage sugges

ech, wcb is not a grace of God in us, but a punishment of God Rom.8.15. upoņus and we would fain be without it, it is the fear of fervants, and not offons, yet God useth it as a means to bring us home to him again, when we like sheep have gone astray, and therefore, the prodigall to re-enter himself into his fathers house prayed, fac me unum ex mercenariis, make me as one of thiy hired servants: it may be that fear which in the lehool is called Initialis, which re-entreth us into the service of God, and keepeth us in awe, it is utilis, but not fufficiens, and we would be glad to be delivered out of it, that we might

serve God without fear in holinesle and righteousnesse.
13 :: For so the Apostle doth reconipt it a fayour to the Romans,

Te have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but the spi-
rit of adoption.
2 The fear it self.

This fear was great both in the inward man, and in the outward, it was that fear of which David spake to God, saying, of the heathen, put them in fear, o Lord, that they may know tharco felves to be but meni

And David himself was foundly shaken with it, as his com- plaint fhcweth.

My files trembleth for fear of thee,and I am afraid of thy judgments.

And we finde the best of the faithfull servants of God subject to this fear, and it is cleer in my text, that it may.. be joyned with faith. For after this cold fic of fear, you shall see the faith of the Church to quicken it again.

The elect of God are shaken with Because they are great Students in the Law of God, for Delta Sthat is a speciall mark of a righteous man, he doth exercise Reaf. I. "himself in the Law of God day and night. - "And wlierefoever the law is wisely understood and apply

ed rightly, there fear doth arise, for so long as we are under the Law, we are under a School-master, and as the Apostle doth fay, a child differeth very little

from a servant, you know when a young man

came to Christ, to ask him the way to heaven, Christ referred him to the Law, and the keeping thereof.




I 20.

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