Imatges de pàgina

143. It is evident, that the genitive here is governed by the Doun, which forms the principal part of these expressions.

144. This is a licence taken, for sound's sake, deviating from strict orthography, but commonly received in speaking and writing.

145. “ When two or more nouus, coupled by a conjunction, are governed by a preposition, it is usual to repeat the preposition before each noun ; as, air fad agus air leitead, in length and in breadth.” Stewart, 165.

146. The influence of some other conjunctions varies, according to the idiom of the place, but the only authentic and origi nal ones are here expressed.

147. It is not uncommon to say, a tiarna Dia, or a tiarna, 4 Dhe; but the first of these expressions is ungrammatical, and the latter is only a distinct vocative.

148. The adjective, being joined to the noun, is aspirated in this case; and the pronoun may be aspirated or not, according to the car of the speaker.



[blocks in formation]



Suió rior le mo čaob. Sit down by my side.
Leag-déan deifir.

Read-make haste.
Tar ardeacra tseomra.

Come into the room. Gab amać as a dig.

Go out of the house. Lean jad go dluč.

Follow them closely. Abg lejte teact artęć.

Tell her to come in. eirig suar-reas tart. Rise up- stand by. Fon an ijn-b1 do cost. Stay there—be silent. Cororo-luaig ort. Pui on you-haste

you. labg amac-déan arir é. Speak out—do it again. Tabg de-fan tamull.

Take care

-stay a while, Teigeam cury na fige. Let us go to the sea. Fajcim do lan.

Let me see your hand. Gab anall anaice ljom. Come over near me. Beir 4 an leab4 7in. Lay hold on that book. Glac go ceart é.

Handle it rightly. Crom do cean.

Stoop your head. Syo go foc.

Sit quietly. Urtais do gut.

Vary your voice. Breatnajo na mjon pinc. Observe the small points. Irlig do glór-ardaiž anois é. Lower your voice--raise it nov. Cuir tort do leabg. Lay by your book. Druid an dorar.

Shut the door. Forgaoil an fyñeog.

Open the window.
Imtig amać uaim,

Go out from me.
Cior do cean-115 do lama. Comb your head--wash


hands. le1g dari--b) do corina15. Let me alone - be quiet. Buail mo lam.



hand. Fag an bealac.

Leave the way. Iñir rgeul dans.

Tell me a story. Teadam '14 baile.

Let us go home. 1944 oul.

Ask him to go.

your hai.

G464 bai) có lái):

Give me your hand.
Tab4 póg don leabs. Kiss the book.
Bail o Dhia oro.

Success from God on you. tas an coiñeal.

Light the candle. Cuir as an cojñeal. Put out the candle. Sguab an ciñlean.

Sweep the hearth. Cuir gual ra gráta.

Put coals in the grate.
Sejo 4 dinead.

Blow the fire.
Cuir an coire air a tinead. Put the kettle on the fire.
Fuirig go fóill.

Wait a while. Feac orm-amharc orm- Behold me-look at me--look dearc site.

at her. Dearc fa do hatu-cuartaig Look for your hat-search for

fa do hata.
Sjublajgiom go gasta. Let us walk smartly.
Sjublaižmio nios cliste. Let us walk more quickly.
Sjublagio go tapujo. Walk ye briskly.
Sjublaidir, no, rjublajj riad- Let them walk quickly.

ran go cliste.
Deanam ruajdeir 4 fleigen. Let us study our lesson.
Weobraižmid air a leigean. Let us ponder over our lesson.
Breatnaigiom go griñ air. Let us observe it sharply.
Tugamojo, na tugam aire co. Let us give heed to it.
Tugajo tri aire de leabair. Let her give beed to her book.
Tuzajó riadran de voju féin. Let them give heed to themselves
Beir, na tabair leat é. Bring it with you.
Te agcuiñe uirge.

Go for water.
Fan liom-fan agam. Stay for me-stay with me.
Cuir glas air an doras.

Lock the door.
Bain an glar don dorar.

Unlock the door. Tarr ljomra.

Come along with me. Te ruas a cnujc.

Go the hill. Bain an cloca vjom.

Take the cloak from off me. Cuir rgian ćugam.

Send me a knife. Tabarr arán cugat.

Bring me bread. Fan a bos aguiñe.

Stay on this side with us. eist an ni a deirim leac.

Hear what I say to you. Feuc 4 do leabq.

Look at your

book. Fag mo hace.


Tugte, no beirteg čugam é. Let it be brought to me.
Ub4v 50 ceart.

Say that correctly. Deánce an ob4.

Let the work be done. leig torg me.


Let me pass.

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