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as God lives, be entitled to their sup- wisdom and prosperity exceedeth the burt and to their education. It is our fame which I heard. Happy are thy duty to look after these children and see men, happy are these

servants, that they have an equal chance with which stand continually before thee, those who are more favored with par- and that hear thy wisdom." ents to look after them.

I commend to you the careful reading

of the remaining portion of this chapter “And the Lord shall make thee the

in Deuteronomy. Time will not permit head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be be

me to read it, but I would like you to neath; if that thou hearken into the read and contemplate it at your leiscommandments of the Lord, thy God,

ure, for there you will find, as if written which I command thee this day, to ulje

by eye-witnesses, history of the julgserve and to do them."

ments of God that subsequently fell upThese are the promises that the Lord on the children of Israel, with made to the people of Israel anciently. acurate account of the downfall and if they would hearken unto His words disintegration of the people. They beand obey His laws.

came a hiss and a byword among the Now, I want to say to you vithout nations of the earth. They were any hesitancy or fear of successful con- broken asunder, they were carried captradiction, that the words which I have tive into the various nations of the read in your hearing are as applicable earth; they served under taskmasters; to you as they were to the children of from that day unto the present they Israel. You are modern Israel and they have been under the curse of God were ancient Israel. The

Gol through disobedience to His laws, and spake through His servant Moses that they will remain under that curse of speaks today through His servant LO- disobedience so long as they fail to rerenzo Snow. Obedience to the laws of pent of their sins and return not unto God will produce the same results to- the Lord. But just as soon as they will day that it did anciently. To those who hearken to the voice of Malachi and know the history of ancieni Israel it is return unto the Lord and begin to obperhaps not necessary for me to say serve His laws and ordinances, thea that these words were fulfilled upon will be fulfilled the promise of the allIsrael. As long as they hearkened to cient Prophet that God will open the His word, God did prosper them; He windows of Heaven and pour out blesdid bless their land; He did send them sings upon them till they will not have the early and the latter rains; He did room to contain them. But this will multiply them and strengthen them in not be until they repent and turn unto the land; He did set them on high; He the Lord. Neither will it be with us did make them His covenant people, until we repent for there are many of and they became famous throughout us who are just as guilty of disobedithe known world. The glory of Solomon ence to the laws of God today as were reached to the uttermost parts of the ancient Israel. Some of us, too, Tiho earth. The kings and queens of the have pretended to do our duty in regard earth heard of his greatness and of his to this law, and who have preached wisdom. They took pilgrimages to obedience to it, have not kept it. We Jerusalem to see for themselves and to go to the books, we see the records of verify the reports they had heard of men, and in a great measure we know the greatness of the children of Israel. what they have done, and I can tell The Queen of Sheba went and

you that there are men amongst us who Solomon in his glory. She heard of the stand high in their own estimation and wisdom that fell from his lins and be- in the estimation of the peopl’, who held the greatness of his kingdom, and have never paid their tithing. Yet these she said to the king: It was a true re- men ought to be examples to the reople. port that I heard in mine own land of They ought to be saying to the people, thy acts and of thy wisdom. How beit "come follow me, and do the things that I believed not the words, until I cane, I do," but they have not been that class and mine eyes had seen it; and be- of men, though I trust they will be in hold, the half was not told me; thy the future. I hope that when they pay


the tithing of their salaries, they will us to be faithful is my prayer in the also pay the tithing on their dividends name of Jesus. Amen. and on the increase of their flocks and

The choir sang: herds, and thus pay an hones: tithing. Then we will have abundance in the

"O come, all ye faithful.” storehouse of the Lord to meet all the Benediction by Elder William T. exigencies of the people. May God help Jack.

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Sunday, October 8th, 10 a. m.

“23. Now this Moses plainly taught

to the children of Israel in the wilder. Singing by the choir:

ness, and sought diligently to sanctify

his people that they might behold the Lo! the mighty God appearing,

face of God; From on high, Jehovah speaks!

“24. But they hardened their hearts Eastern lands the summons hearing,

and could not endure his presence, O’er the west his thunder breaks.

therefore the Lord in His wrath (for

His anger was kindled against them) Prayer by Elder Benjamin E. Rich.

swore that they should not enter into The choir sang:

His rest while in the wilderness, which

rest is the fullness of His glory. Zion stands with hills surrounded

*25. Therefore he took Moses out of

their midst, and the Holy Priesthood Zion, kept by power divine;

also; All her foes shall be confounded,

"26. And the lesser Priesthood conThough the world in arms combine; tinued, which Priesthood holdeth the Happy Zion,

key of the ministering of angels and

the preparatory Gospel; What a favored lot is thine.

"27. Which Gospel is the Gospel of

repentance and of baptism, and the re. PRESIDENT GEORGE Q. CANNON. miesion of sins, and the law of carnal

commandments, which the Lord in His The Saints the Saviors of Men-The Unfaithful

wrath caused to continue with the like Sa't that has Lost its Savor-Redemption

house of Aaron among the children of of Zion may be Deferred by DisobedienceProphets and Apostles like other Men-Respon

Israel until John, whom God raised up. sibility of Parents — Benign Genius of the being filled with the Holy Ghost from Kingdom of God.

his mother's womb;

“28. For he was baptized while he I will read a portion of the 84th Sec.

was yet in his childhood, and was or. tion of the Book of Doctrine and Coy- dained by the angel of God at the time enants:

he was eight days old unto this power,

to overthrow the kingdom of the Jews, “17. Which Priesthood continueth in and to make straight the way of the the Church of God in all generations, Lord before the face of His people, to and is without beginning of days or end prepare them for the coming of the of years.

Lurd, in whose hand is given all power. “18. And the Lord confirmed a Priest.

29. And again, the offices of Elder hood also upon Aaron and his seed, and Bishop are necessary appendages throughout all their generations which belonging unto the High Priesthood. Priesthood also continueth and abideth “30. And again, the offices of Teacher forever with the Priesthood, which is and Deacon are necessary appendages after the holiest order of God.

belonging to the lesser Priesthood, “19. And this greater Priesthood ad- which Priesthood was confirmed upon ministereth the Gospel and holdeth the Aaron and his sons. key of the mysteries of the kingdom

"31. Therefore, as I said concerning even the key of the knowledge of God;

the sons of Moses-for the

of "20. Therefore, in the ordinances Moses, and also the sons Aaron thereof, the power of godliness is mani- shall offer an acceptable offering and fest;

sacrifice in the house of the Lord, which "21. And without the ordinances house shall be built unto the Lord in thereof, and the authority of the Priest- this generation, upon the consecrated hood, the power of godliness is not spot as I have appointed; manifest unto men in the flesh;

And the sons of Moses and of "22. For without this no man can Aaron shall be filled with the glory of see the face of God, even the Father, the Lord, upon Mount Zion in the and live.

Lord's house whose sons are ve: and




also many whom I have called and sent The Spirit has been abundantly poured forth to build up my Church.

out. It seems to me that no man or “33. For whoso is faithful unto the obtaining these two Priesthoods of

woman could listen to the words of the which I have spoken, and the magnify- Apostles who have spoken without being their calling, are sanctified by the ing convinced that God was with them. Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies;

This is my feeling, and I can bear tes. **34. They become the sons of Moses timony to the truth of that which has and of Aaron and the seed of Abraham, been said. It will be a savor of life unto and the Church and kingdom, and the life or of death unto death to all those elect of God; "35. And also all they who receive

who have listened. this Priesthood receiveth me, saith the We are living in a very important Lord;

time. The Lord is evidently working “36. For he that receiveth my serv

with His servants and people. He is ants receiveth me; "37. And he that receiveth me re

manifesting His Spirit in a remarkable ceiveth my Father;

manner. I think it has been felt by every “38. And he that receiveth my Fath, faithful Latter-day Saint throughout er, receiveth my Father's kingdom; therefore all that my Father hath shali the Church. Not only has it extended be given unto him;

throughout Zion, but it has been felt by "39. And this is according to the oath the Elders and Saints, so far as we have and covenant which belongeth to the heard, in distant places. In 1856 the Priesthood.

"40. Therefore, all those who receive Spirit of God was poured out in great the Priesthood, receive this oath and power upon the servants of God in covenant of my Father, which he can- Zion. I was on a mission at the time, not break, neither can it be moved; "41. But whoso breaketh this coven

as doubtless were very many Elders, ant, after he hath received it and alto- some of whom may be present today; gether turneth therefrom, shall not and we had the same Spirit where I have forgiveness of sine in this world

was laboring. The Lord stirred us up nor in the world to come. "42. And all those who come

in the same way that our brethren at

not unto this Priesthood which ye have re- home were being stirred up. The ceived, which I now confirm upon you Spirit of reformation went throughout who are present this day, by mine own

the entire Church. voice out of the Heavens, and even I

The people were have given the Heavenly hosts and stirred from the depth of their hearts mine angels charge concerning you. by the power of God. The effects of

"43. And I now give unto you that reformation were most excellent. commandment to beware concerning yourselves, to give diligent heed to the

A great many adopted good resoluwords of eternal life:

tions which, I am led to believe, they "44. For you shall live by every word clung to all their lives, and are still that proceedeth forth from the mouth clinging to them if they are alive. They of God.

"45. For the word of the Lord is have served God with greater diligence truth, and whatsoever is truth is light, than they ever did before. I do not and whatsoever is light is Spirit, even doubt that will be the effect of these the Spirit of Jesus Christ;'

meetings. I expect to see a thorough In standing up to address you I do reformation of the people, and renewed so relying entirely upon the blessing of determination to keep the commandGod, which I hope to obtain by the as.

ments of God more strictly than ever sistance of your faith and prayers. To before. my mind, it is one of the most respon- In connection with this I will read sible positions a human being can oc- another portion of the Book of Doctrine cupy, to address a congregation upon

and Covenants that occurs to my mind. the things pertaining to God and eter- It is a revelation that was given in nity. I feel the weight of this responsi- 1834, soon after the occurrences which bility, and I would not attempt to speak President Snow read about yesterday. to you, did I not know that it is our They took place in Jackson county, Noprivilege to have the assistance of the vember, 1833, and this revelation was Spirit of God. During this conference given to the Prophet the succeeding we have heard most excellent discours- February. The Lord says: es, accompanied by the power of God. "1. Verily I say unto you, my friends, behold I will give unto you a revela- There cannot be a doubt in any faithtion and commandment, that you may ful man's mind concerning the truth of know how to act in the discharge of this promise-the promise of victory your duties concerning the salvation and redemption of your brethren, who and deliverance on the one hand, the have been scattered on the land of promise of punishment, disaster and Zion;

trouble on the other. The Latter-day “2. Being driven and smitten by the hands of mine enemies, on whom I will Saints have in their experience proved pour out my wrath without measure in fully the truth of these words. They mine own time;

have seen them fulfilled to the very let. "3. For I have suffered them thus

ter. When they have been faithful in far, that they might fill up the measure of their iniquities, that their cup keeping the commandments of God they might be full;

have prospered and they have had de"4. And that those who call them

liverance. When they have been unselves after my name might be chastened for a little season with a sore

faithful they met with trouble and seri. and grievous chastisement, because they ous difficulty. It is necessary that the did not hearken altogether unto the wicked should have the opportunity to precepts and commandments which I exercise their agency in relation to the gave unto them."

work of God; for they have an agency This has been dwelt upon with great

as well as we. It is their privilege to fullness by nearly all the brethren who

assist in building up the work of God, have spoken at this conference. They

or they can exercise their agency in have called attention to the fact that

fighting the work of God. They have the Saints were scourged in those early

the privilege to do everything in their days because of their disobedience. The

power to destroy it, and they will be Lord here explains and describes to the

permitted to do this until the cup of Church very plainly the reasons why

their iniquity is full. The Lord deals they were so grievously and severely justly with His children, no matter who chastened:

they are. Not only Latter-day Saints, "And that those who call themselves but all mankind are the children of after my name might be chastened for

our Heavenly Father, and all have their a little season with a sore and grievous chastisement, because they did not agency. When we quote these sayings hearken altogether unto the precepts of the Lord concerning this work, they and commandments which I gave unto

are not peculiar to us; the promises are them."

not intended for us alone; they are in. The Lord continues:

tended for all who will believe and obey “5. But verily I say unto you, that I His Gospel. Many people imagine that have decreed a decree which my peo- when we talk about the triumph of the ple shall realize, inasmuch they

Church of God we mean to confine that hearken from this very hour, unto the counsel which I, the Lord their God, triumph to those who belong to our shall give unto them.

Church. Not so; this is for the whole *6. Behold they shall, for I have de.

world. It is for all America, as well creed it, begin to prevail against mine enemies from this very hour,

as for Utah. God has made most glori7. And by hearkening to observe all ous promises to this nation. According the words which I, the Lord their God, to the revelations in the Book of Mor. shall speak unto them, they shall never

the cease to prevail until the kingdoms of

mon concerning our own nation, the world are subdued under my feet, Lord has destined to make it the head and the earth is given unto the Saints, of all the nations of the earth, to adopt to possess it for ever and ever.

it as His nation and as His governBut inasmuch as they keep not my commandments, and hearken not to

ment, if the people would receive the observe all my words, the kingdoms of Gospel; and He would make them the the world shall prevail against them, means of saving the remnants of His "9. For they were set to be a light

covenant people, and doing unto the world, and to be the saviors mighty works. This is all foreshadowed

other of men;

"10. And inasmuch as they are not in the prophecies contained in the Book the saviors of men, they are as salt that of Mormon. has lost its savor, and is thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and Joseph Smith, prompted by this Spirit trodden under foot of men."

-the man whom God has spoken to; a



Prophet of God-condescended to proffer ment, and which they hoped to perpetuhimself as a candidate for the Presi- ate through the constitution and the dency of the United States. Many peo. laws that were enacted. ple thought this was ambition on his We are told in this revelation that part; that he wanted to rule; that he the wicked, when the cup of their inaspired to power, and that he would use iquity is full, will receive their judgit for the carrying out of his own plans ment. But the Latter-day Saints are and forwarding the interests of his own called upon to obey the commandments people. Joseph Smith had no such idea. of God. He has revealed himself with He was prompted, as a Prophet of God power to them. He bears testimony to and as a patriot, to step forward and them all the time concerning His great offer himself as a candidate, that the work that He is seeking to establish in nation might receive the fulfillment of the earth. He wants to make us the the promises which the Lord had made saviors of men. He calls us the salt concerning it. He gave his views on of the earth. We are the salt of the the power and policy of the United earth. We are not conceited in saying States; and any man who will read this, because the acts of the faithful those views today will see how much Latter-day Saints are such as to bring salvation there is embodied in the prin- salvation to those who are connected ciples he set forth. A bloody war might with them. I wish to illustrate this have been averted; millions of treasure so that you can see it for yourselves. might have been saved; thousands upon Look around you and see the men and thousands of lives might also have been the women who have proved themselves sa ved, if they had only received him as unworthy of the principles of the a deliverer, God having inspired him Gospel, and

have departed from to take that course. In relation to this them. Are they not like salt that has we have the same feelings today. Men lost its savor? We have had hundreds accuse us of being unpatriotic, of not of them; they have got indifferent; they being friendly, and of having designs have lost their savor, and are good for inimical to the peace and prosperity of nothing. The Saints are compared to the land. I say to you today, in the salt that has its saving poperties. presence of God, that no more patriotic Wherever we go we should be saviors people live upon the continent

We should seek for the salva, America than the Latter-day Sainto, tion of the human family to the fulleet We want to see the Constitution of this extent in our power. God has called us country preserved, that every man shall to this. He has given unto us the Holy enjoy the rights guaranteed by that Priesthood, and He has pled with us grand instrument of liberty which God now for these many years. Think of it! inspired the framers to make. But we this revelation from which I have read differ from many people in regard to last was given in 1834, nearly sixty-six our views concerning the manner in years ago. The promise was then made which the government should be admin. unto the Saints that if they would keep istered. And we think, as free men, the commandments of God they should descended from a free ancestry, we prevail from that very hour. Is it not have a right to differ from them, and true that this would have been fulfilled to express our feelings upon this point to the very letter if we had kept His with the utmost freedom; that we are commandments? But we have not done not traitors when we do so, but are the so. We have been a disobedient people, friends of the government and of the notwithstanding all that God has done rights of human beings in the govern

for us. We have not honored His laws; ment. You know, my brethren and sis- and I sometimes thnk we are like our ters, that this is our attitude on this ancestors, the children of Israel (for question. We would like to see this God has said that we are of the seed government so stable that it will never of Abraham) who were led out of Egypt be thrown down. It can only be made by mighty power. The Lord wrought so by adhering to the principles which wonders in their behalf. He inepired animated the founders of the govern- Moses to lead the people along so that

of of men.

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