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ley of Succoth, &c. So God is here declared absolute Monarch. in this phrase of measuring of the earth:as David would cait his shooe over the Philistines would rejoyce : So God is here declared Conquerour of all by dividing in sunder the nations, &c.

St. Augustine turnes all into Allegory, and applieth it to Christ.

You remember, how before, I found that the Church doth comfort their preient miseries, with remembrance of Gods former mercies, therefore I choose to keep pace with the story of Gods former mercies to his Ifrael. And as before he spake of the comming of God from Teman and Paran, when he appeared glorious to them in giving the law, so now, he comes to another powerfull mercy, that is, when he gave them the promised Land, for then he that went before them all the vvay of their journey in their removes, now stood still, as declaring that now they övere come to the land of their rest, as he had promised it.

And there, He measured the Earth, it is ascribed here to God, that he divided the land amongst the Tribes, because it vvas done by lot, vvherein not chance, but God answered.

This hath reference to that story vvhich vve read fofrua 5. for when the people vvere'entred into the land of Canaax, and vvere come so far in to it as Gilgall, that the Ark of God was setled in Gilgall

Then God commanded the Sacrament of Circumcision to be revived, vvhich in the whole journey between their comming out of Ægypt to this place had been omitted, so long was it omitted, because of the journey that there entred into Canaan, but two of all that came out of Ægypt, who had received the Sacrament of Circumcision, who vvere Caleb and Joshua. Novv all the males are circumcised at Gilgall

, there the children of Israel kept the Passeover, and therethey began to cat of the old provision of corn, that they found in the land, and as soon as they had eaten thereof, Manna ceased, and there,Verse 13.


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There stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in bis hand, to whom Joshua went and said unto him. Art thou for ws, or for oser adverfaries? he said,

nay; but as a Prince of the hoast of the Lord,am I now come, and to hna fell on his face, and did worship.

Compare that storie with this text, and you shall see that this man that stood before foshuu, is he that stood in my text, and after measured the earth : and so fofhua conceived him to be,jelse he had not worshipped him, for foshuah was not to learn that Angels are not to be worshipped.

So this place will not help the Church of Rome for the maintenance of the worship of Angels, though Lyranus say, that it was idoratio duliæ, quia cognovit eum efse Angelum. The manthat stood there was that Son of man, that Prince of the Lords Armies, which brought Israet:ont of the Land of Ægypt, out of the house of bondage.

And he stood there, for there was the Ark ferled, and the Sacrament revived, and they were at home when they began to feed upon the provision of the promised Land : and next it followeth, that He measured the Earth. : For in the next Chap: Jericho was taken;Chap. 8. Ai is overcome and shortly after the land is measured, and by lott afsigned to the Fribes. The Nations are drove in funder:]for they cook and destroyed fericho: Ai, and the five Kings that made waragainst Gibeon, as David faith, He cast out the Natio ons and planted them in. Then the everlasting mountains were fcuttered, and the perpetuall hils did bow. These titles and attributes of Everlasting and Perpetuall

, are in truie propriety of tense onely belonging to God, but this is a poeticall and figurative hymne, and by an Hyperbole

, these words do signifie the mighty power of God, who stooped these unconquered mountains, fixt and fetled in their places to the obedience of his people, and brought the strengte of the land into their subjection is colon 911;

Declaring that by no ftrength of their own, they got the quiet pofsefson of that land;bac they received it of the gift of God, who übdued the impregnablé strength to their hand, and gave tiem victory, for it followeth;


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: His ways are everlasting] that is, as David doth render it He doth whatsoever he will. He long before promised Abraham this land, and though the posterity of Canaan have held the land in possestion for many ages, yet there is no prescription against God: Nullum tempus occurrit regi, he will goe in the way; that the counsel of his wisedome hath long agne trode out for them.

There was an old curse which lay in the deck, and slept all this while, ever since Cbam the youngest, the son of Noah discovered his fathers nakedness, for then Noah awoke and knew what his sons had done to him, and he said, Cursed be Canaan, that is; Let a curse fall upon the posterity of Cham: there be the ways of God,for the issue of Shem drove out Cahans feed and poffefsed their Land.

Here is another argument drawn from the same head with the former ; for the Church doth comfort her it self in present misery, by remembring what God did for them, in giving to them the possession of the promised Land, which is wholly afscribed to God, as the Psalmist;

For they got not the Lard in possession by their own (word, weither Pfal.44.3. did their own arm save them : but thy right hand, a thine arm und the light of thy countenance, because thou hast a favour unto them.

This commemoration of Guds setling them in the promised land ferveth to comfort the captivity of Israel in Babylon, because it teacheth them;

1 That their tenure of that land howsoever interrupted by calamities and deportations is a good tenure, they hold it by the free gift of God, who is able to maintain the right of his. donation against all.

2. That there is no counfail or strength against the Lord , for he that can subdue mountains, & eternal hils, and he whole ways are everlasting, is not to be resisted.

From which premises they conclude, comfortably,that they shall have their land again, and that their enemies shall not be able to keep them out of it with all their strength. For God did not do so great things for them, to plant



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them in Canaan, for no long time his standing there : as if he would say, now I have brought them to their rest.

His driving out of the Nations to make them room, his scattering of the mountains and bowing of the hils, all this was not done that Ifrael might hold the land of proinise no

longer : for the promise was made to Abraham,and St. Mathew M8.1.17. faith, that from Abraham to David are 14 generacions : and

from David to the deportation into Bubylon 14 generations ; there were from the promise of this land to the captivity but 28 generations: and the first 14 generations from Abraham to David were wel spent, before the land was posseft;and fo much God foretold Abraham, and foure hundred years delay, and

expectation of the promise we have hereof from the mouth of Ge.15.13.

God to Abraham, before they should come out of Egypt: and
thirty years, were found added to chat reckoning before they
had a deliverance, and forty more spent in the wildernels,
four hundred and seventy years, which will make up much of
the time between the promise and the poffeffion of this land,
that is, four of the generations;
Compare this with the promise of this Land, and


fhall finde it so. Ge.15.16.

But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again.

Now,for the terme for which they thould have this land,

that is set down before. G4.13.19.

For all the Land which thox seest, to the will I give it, and to tby feed for ever.

Yet we finde that for 70 years, they lost the poffefsion of their land being carried captive into Babylon, and our Church stories, and the histories of the heathen writers old and modern, do fhew that the fews have lost this land almost 1600 years; which may seeme to frustrate that deed of gife in respect of the terme, and so it doth for matter of fa&, for matter of right it is questionable, and thereupon, fome have determined: 1 thac that Land is by right as yet belonging to the seed of Abrahams, by vertue of that promise

2 That in the last calling of the Jews, it shall be restored to chem again,and that the Common-wealth of the Jews Thall be

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resetled there before the end of the world, as it was after the return from the captivity of Babylon, so that though there have been interruption of poiseffion for fo many years, there shall be no impeachment of title, but their right doth run on, till the time appointed for the restoring of them.

Concerning the calling of the Jews, and the restoring of them to the Church, St. Paul hath prophecyed fo plainly, as Rom.11. there can be no doubt thereof.

Bupfor the restoring of them to the land of promise, we have no good ground in holy Scripture.

1. Because they have forfeited their estate therein, which they 3 held with condition of obedience.

When thou shalt beget children, and childrens children in the Deut 4.25 land, and shalt bave remained long in the land, and shall corrupt your selves; and make a graven image or the likenes of any thing, and fhaill do evill in the fight of the Lord thy God to provoke him to anger.

I call Heaven and Earth to witne fe againft you this day, that 1 ye fall foon utterly perish from of the Land, whérennto you gióe over fordan to pollee it

, ye shall not prolong your dayes upon it, but Bill | urterly be destroyed.

And the Lord Mhall featter you among the nations. This is not without hope, for as by fin they lost their inheritance there, - fo by repentance it was recoverable! 14

when thon art in tribulation, and all these things are come sipon Verse 3. thee, even in the latter days, if thou turn to the Lord thy God, and be obedient to his voyce. . He will not forsake thee, nor destroy thee, nor forget the Covenant with thy Fathers. * This proves their tenure conditionat,and their resticution to this land after their return fró captivity was also upon the same condition of obedience, as appeareth in the words of Christ.

How often wonld I have gathered thy children together, even as' Mazh.23. an hen gathereth ber chickens under her wings, and ye would not .

37,38,39. Behold, the house is left unto you

defolate, For I say unto you,you fill not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, blessed is he that commeth in the name of the Lard.

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