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Then fall follow the Psalms,

To thee Cherubim and
inorder asthey are appoint- Seraphim continually do cry,
ed. And at the End of every Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord
Psalm and Hymn, except. God of Hosts.
ing all Days of Fasting and Heaven and Earth are
Abstinence, may be repeated, full of the Majesty of thy

Glory be to the Father, glory:
through the Son, in the The glorious company of
Holy Ghost.

the Apostles praise chec. Anfw. As it was in the be- The goodly fellowship of ginning, is now, and ever the Prophets praise thee. hall be, world without end. Thenoble Army of MarAmen.

tyrs praise thee.
-Tbensball be read the appoint. The holy Church through

ed Leffons: [before each of out all the World doth ae-
which may at all times be knowledge thee.
premised fuchan Argument, The Father of an infinite
and after which such asort Majesty ;
Exhortation may be added,

Thine honourable, true,
as are used in the Church and only Son ;
of Neufchatel.] And after Also the Holy Ghost the
the firft Leffon may be said Comforter.
or Sung tbe following Hymn Thou art the King of
on Sundays and Holidays, . Glory, O Chrift.
and between Easter and : .. Thou art the only begote

ten Son of the Father.
Note, That before every Lef-

When thou tookedft up-
fon the Minister mall say, on thee' codeliver man, thou
Here - beginneth such a didst not abhor the Virgin's
Chapter or Verse of such : womb.
a Chapter of such a Book; When thou hadft over-
And after every Leffon, come the fharpness of death,
Here endeth the First, or thou didst open the kingdom
the Second Leffon. of heaven to all believers.
Te Deum.

Thou fitteth at the right
WE praise thee, O God, hand of God, in the glory

we acknowledge thee of the Father. to be the Lord.

We believe that thou shalt
Thy whole creation does come to be our Judge.
glorify thee, the Father We therefore pray thee,

help thy servants, whom
To thee all Angels cry thou hast redeemed with
aloud, the heavens, and all thy precious blood.
the powers therein,


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+ Make them to be num- Lord, bless ye 'the Lord, bred with thy Saints, in glo- Praise and exalt him asy everlasting.

bove all for ever. O Lord save thy people, O ye sun and moon, bless and bless thine heritage. ' ye the Lord,

Govern them, and lift Praise and exalt him athem for ever.

bove all for ever. up

Day by day; we magni- - Oye Itars of heaven, fy thee;

bless ye the Lord, And worship thy Name, Praise and exalt him aever world without end. ;

bove all for ever. Vouchsafe, O Lord, to O every shower and dew, keep us this day without sin. bless ye the Lord, O Lord, have mercy up

Praise and exalt him aon us, have mercy upon us. bove all for ever,

O Lord, let thy mercy O all ye winds, blefs ye be thewed upon us, as our the Lord, trust is in thee.

Praise and exalt him a. O Lord, in thee have webove all for ever.. 7. trusted ; let us never be Oye fire and heat, bless confounded.

ye the Lord, On Saturdays this Hymn, or Praise and exalt him a

the 1481h Pfalm, may be bove all for ever.

used, instead of the former. . Oye winter and summer, O All ye works of the bless ye the Lord,

Lord, bless ye the Praise and exalt him qe Lord,

bove all for ever. Praise and exalt him a. Oye dews and storms of bove all for ever.

snow, bless ye the Lord, O ye heavens, bless ye :: Praise and exalt him do the Lord,

bove all for ever. Praise and exalt him a- Oye nights and days, bove all for ever.

bless ye the Lord, Oye angels of the Lord, Praise and exalt him abless ye the Lord,

bove all for ever. Praise and exalt him a- O ye light and darkness, bove all for ever.

bless ye the Lord, O all ye waters, that be Praise and exalt him sabove the heavens, bless ye bove all for ever. the Lord,

O ye ice and cold, bless Praise and exalt hima- ye the Lord, bove all for ever.

Praise and exalt him a. O all ye powers of the bove all for ever, 1

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Oye frost and snow, bless Praise and exalt him de ye the Lord,

bove all for ever. Praise and exalt him 2. O Israel bless ye the Lord, bove all for ever.

Praise and exalt him a. O ye lightnings and bove all for ever. clouds, bless ye the Lord, O ye priests of the Lord,

Praise and exalt him as bless ye the Lord, bove all for ever.

Praise and exalt him.
O let the Earth bless the bove all for ever.

Oye servants of the Lord,
Let it praise and exalé bless ye the Lord,
him above all for ever. Praise and exalt him a-

Oye mountains and little bove all for ever."; hills, bless ye the Lord,: ye spirits and souls of

Praise and exalt him a- the righteous, bless ye the bove all for ever.

Lord, O all ye things that grow

Praise and exalt him aon the earth, bless ye the bove all for ever. Lord,

O ye holy and humble Praise and exalt him a. men of heart, bless ye

the bove all for ever.

? Lord, O ye fountains, bless ye Praise and exalt him athe Lord,

í bove all for ever. . Praise and exalt him a. O give thanks unto the bove all for ever.

Lord, Oye seas and rivers, bless Because he is gracious ; ye the Lord,

for his mercy endureth foc Praise and exale him a- ever. bove all for ever.

O all ye that worship the Oye whales, and all that Lord, bless the God of move in the waters, blers gods, in ye the Lord,

Praise him, and give him Praise and exalt him a. thanks; for his mercy'enbove all for ever...* :

dureth for ever. O all ye fowls of the air, Then mall be nead in like bless ye the Lord,

.! manner the second Lillon, Praise and exalt him, a- taken out of the New Tef. bove all for ever.

tament; and after that, on O all ye beasts and cattle, Sundays and Holidays, and bless ye the Lord,

9. from Easier to Pentecoft, Praise and exalt him a. may be used the Hymn fala bove all for eyer.

lowing, or the 145th Oye children of men, Psalm in its flead. bless ye the Lord,

S. Luke

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S! Luke 1. 68.1 sit in darkness, and in the BLeffed be the Lord God lhadow of death, and to

of Israel, for he hath guide our feet into the way visited and redeemed his of peace. people ;

Glory be to the Father, &c. And hath raised up a As it was in the, &c. mighty falvation for us in the On Saturdays this Psalm fall house of his fervant David : be used; or else the 1041b. As he spake by the mouth

Psalm 100. of his holy prophets, which Be joyful in the Lord, have been fince the world all ye lands: ferve the began;

Lord with gladness, and That we should be saved come before his presence from our enemies, and from with a fong. the hands of all that hate us; Be ye fure that the Lord

To perform the mercy he is God: it is he that hath promised to our forefathers, made us, and not we our and to remember his holy felves : we are his people, covenant.

and the Theep of his pafture. To perform the oath O go your way into his which he (ware to our fore- gates with thanksgiving, and father Abraham, that he into his courts with praise : would give us ;

be thankful unto him, and That we being delivered fpeak good of his Name. out of the hands of our cne- For the Lord is gracious, mies might serve him with his mercy is everlasting: and out fear;

his truth endureth from geIn holiness and righteous- neration to generation. ness before him, all the days Glory be to the Father, of our life;

through the Son, in the And thou, child, thalt be Holy Ghoft; called the prophet of the As it was in the beginning, Highest, for thou shalt go is now, and ever shall be, before the face of the Lord, world without end. Amen. to prepare his way; Then may be repeated this

Togive knowledge of fal- Creed by the Minister, vation unto his people, for and the People sanding. the remiffion of their fins ; Believe in God the Fa.

Through the tender mer- ther Almighty, Maker cy of our God, whereby the of heaven and earth': Day fpring from on high - And in Jesus Christ his only hath visited us ;


Son our Lord, Whé To give light to them that ?

) 9


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was conceived by the Holy ledge no Author of Peace Ghost, born of the Virgin and Happiness, but only Mary, Suffer'd under Pontius thee, O God. Pilate, Was crucified, dead Prieft. O God, make and buried, [He descended clean our hearts within us. into the invisible World ;] Answ. And take not thy The third day he rose again Holy Spirit from us. from the dead, He ascended Then mall follow three Gola into Heaven, and fitteth on ! leets; The first of the Day, the right hand of God the The second for Peace; The Father Almighty ; From third for Grace to live well: thence he shall

come to judge And the two laft Colleets the quick and the dead. mall never alter, but daily

I believe in the Holy be faid, at Morning Prayer Ghoft; I believe the holy throughout all the year, as Catholick Church ; The followeth; all kneeling. Communion of Saints; ]The The second Colleet for Peace. Forgiveness of Sins ; The God, who art the auResurrection of the Body, thor of peace, and lover and the Life everlasting. A. of concord, in knowledge

of whom ftandeth our eterThen the Priest mall say, nal life, whose service is perLet us Pray.

feet freedom : Defend us O Lord thew thy mercy thy humble servants in all

assaults of our enemies, that Anfw. And grant uş thy we surely trusting in thy desalvation.

fence, may not fear the powPriest. O Lord save the 'er of any adversaries, thro' King.

the might of Jesus Christ Answ. And mercifully our Lord. Amen. hear us when we call upon The third Collet for Grace. thee.


Lord our heavenly FaPriest. Endue thy mini- ther, Almighty and sters with righteousness. everlasting God, who haft

Answ. And make thy cho. safely brought us to the besen people joyful.

ginning of this day ; Defend Priest. O Lord, save thy us in the same with thy People.

mighty power, and grant Answ. And bless thine that this day we fall into no inheritance.

fin, neither run into any Priest. Give peace in our kind of danger; but that all time, O Lord.

our doings may be ordered Answ. For we acknow- by thy governance, to do al



upon us.

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