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make a living. Where are the shoe- to build up Zion and make it a perfect makers, and the manufacturers of wool. home? It has been stated that Utah len and cotton goods? Is there a man includes within her borders all that is educated in Utah that can go right into necessary to make the people wealthy. a woollen or a cotton factory and un- But we are neglecting the very means derstand the business? Is there a man that God had put in our hands to eduthat can go into the south and take cate our children in the right way. The up the business of manufacturing cot- time has come, in my opinion, when our ton goods? There is not such a man schools, instead of having so much in educated in the State. unless he is down the line of gymnastics, should give South, and I doubt there being any good manual training. They are good there who could go into the cotton fac- to develop the muscles it is true. If tory and know what to do with the ma- they developed them with the hoe, or chinery and the cotton. This is a the ax, or the plow, or something that languishing industry in Utah.

is useful, it would do them more good. There was an ox killed in one of the If we could have our little farms, our settlements, with a certain brand on blacksmith shops, our turning lathes, the hide. That ox-hide was sold, and our carpenter's shops, our factories, and in about eight or ten months it educate our children in these things as turned to that settlement in the shape they go along, we would turn out men of sole leather, with the same brand who could be moulded and used for the on it.

From the time it left Wellsville benefit and upbuilding of the Zion of until it was returned here it had passed our God. Zion has to be built up, and through the hands of eleven men, and we want men who are capable of superwe paid them for handling it. This is intending in every department. God the system that we have been following designs that men should be educated If it had not been for the mercy of God, for this purpose. who saw our ignorance and slothfulness There are two or three more subjects, and put it aside, this people would have but I forget them. Perhaps I have been in poor temporal circumstances in said enough. However, I have said these mountains. But I do believe that what is in my heart; and I say to the the time has come and sufficient in- Presidents of Stakes, and to the quorformation has been given us, that if we ums of the Priesthood, did you hear the do not take hold of these things and words that were spoken by one of the do them properly, God will make us brethren in relation to this matter? responsible and we will suffer for it. There is President Snow and his two I believe in education, but I want to counselors, and here are the Twelve see the boys and girls come out with Apostles; I testify from actual knowlan education at their fingers' ends as edge that these men are one, spiritually well as in their brains, that they may and in every way that Christ is one be able to support themselves. Take with the Father, to the extent of their our girls who are educated and receive knowledge. The Presidents of Sevencommissions to teach, and if they can- ties are one with the Twelve. Why not get schools, what do they cannot every quorum of Seventy be one do?

They clerk in a store, or do with the Presidents of the Seventies? something or other that people can do Why cannot the Elders be one, the who have had very little education, and High Priests be one, and all of their time has been wasted, because come together as one man. No, you will their education has not been in the hear men say, I cannot do that; I canright direction.

not swallow that doctrine. Where does I believe today that God intends that it come from? From the head. You this people shall take hold of these cannot swallow it? It is the only medimanufacturing institutions, and put cine that will cure you. I wish that the their sons and daughters to such labor great body of the Church could cleanse

is suited to them. Educate them itself and be delivered from the corrupin these things as well as in letters. tion which surrounds it. But we canIf we do not do this, where shall we not just yet. Here, however, is the draw from for men with the capacity antidote for the ills to which human





we are

life is heir: It is to be one before God. will bring all things out for the good of I testify here today that unless we are His people, if we do our duty; which

we will not be received by our may God grant, for Christ's sake. Savior when He comes.

Amen. Presidents of Stakes, when will you "Come unto Me" was sung by Brother see that the Bishops do their duty? Anthony C. Lund. Bishops, when will you


PRESIDENT JOSEPH F. SMITH. those under your charge do their

Our labors relate to temporal as well as spiritual duty ? How long will you pro

things-Temple work-Laws and ordinances crastinate? How many times

administered now the same as administered in

the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith-Law of will you have to be taught this subject. Tithing-Necessity for greater Union-Home I say to you, brethren, in the name of

industries. the Lord, rise up and from this time

I am requested to occupy the few forth see that your wards, your Stakes

minutes that remain of this forenoon and your quorums, are thoroughly meeting. I most earnestly endorse all renovated, and that the people attend the subjects that have been dwelt upon their meetings. If they do not, there by the Apostles during our Conference, will be a great deal of dropping off in and I sincerely hope that these import. the near future; for God will not submit ant matters will find an abiding place to this land being polluted. I tell you in the memory of the people. We are enthe day is not far distant when you gaged in a temporal as well as in a will see a separation between the sheep spiritual labor. You must continue to and the goats. I felt impressed with

bear in mind that the temporal and the this when it was mooted the other day spiritual are blended. They are not by a man who had a right to teach it, separate. One cannot be carried on who said that the things before this without the other, so long as people will try them to the uttermost, here in mortality. The Church of Jesus and we have to round up our shoulders Christ of Latter-day Saints

on the and prepare for them, or, as God lives, earth is a physical organization as well we will turn our backs upon the Church as a spiritual organization. We need of Christ. That is the condition, and I practical faith-that is, we need to testify to it. How long will we hold practice the principles of our faith. back and say, "Oh! I am floating with

Without the practice of the principles the current; go along as the current of the Gospel we can never realize our takes me, and Brother So-and-So and hopes and expectations concerning the I hobnob together, and I guess we are results of this great latter-day work. all right.” Oh! you do not know the We are engaged in temple work. We consequences of neglect. If you did, have built four temples in this land, brethren and sisters, you would not and we built two temples in the eastern neglect the principles that God has country before we came here. During given.

the lifetime of the Prophet Joseph Smith Brethren and sisters, God bless you one of the two was built and dedicated, in every particular. Do not let the and the foundation of the other was summer pass and the harvest end and laid and the walls had well progressed you be forced to say, Lo, my soul is not when he was martyred. It was finished saved. Now is the summer, and when by the efforts of the people under the the harvest shall end let it be that you most trying circumstances and in povare in the kingdom with those whom erty, and was dedicated unto the Lord. Christ has established. May God grant The ordinances of the house of God eternal life to the people. God bless our were administered therein as they had Presidency, and the people, and give been taught to the leading authorities us strength that we may overcome and of the Church by the Prophet Joseph not do anything harshly. I have been Smith himself. The same Gospel, the cautioned by the Spirit not to do it; but same ordinances, the same authority it is all I can do to keep it down some- and blessings that were administered by times. Do nothing rashly. Be moder- the Prophet Joseph Smith and taught ate and wise in all things. Let God by him to his associates are now being rule, whose right it is to rule, and He enjoyed by and taught to the Latter


day Saints in the four temples that tithing heretofore has been the tenih have been built in these valleys of the of all that the Lord has given unto me. mountains. When you hear anybody It has been my pleasure as well as my say that we have changed the ordin- bounden duty to pay my tithing to the ances, that we have transgressed the Church every year on everything that laws, or have broken the everlasting the Lord has made me steward over. covenants which were entered into un.

The man who does not believe in this der the personal administration of the principle ignores a revelation of God Prophet Joseph Smith, tell them for me, made known through the Prophet Jostell them for President Snow, for Presi. eph Smith. It is a commandment unto dent Cannon, and for all those who are the people, with promise. It is essential living today who received blessings and to the temporal welfare of the Church ordinances under the hands of of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. the

Prophet Joseph Smith, that The sectarian world keeps up their they are in error. The same Gos- revenue by begging, by passing around

prevails today, and the same the collection-box every time they asordinances are administered to-day, semble for worship. They beg from the both for the living and for the dead, as people for the maintenance of their were administered by the Prophet, him- churches. In their case the burden falls self, and delivered by him to the upon those who are willing to contribChurch. So far as I know, there is not ute of their substance. Those who are an ordinance of the Church now en- not willing or not so disposed, bear no joyed or practiced that was not re- part of the burden. This is unequal. vealed to the Church by the Prophet It is not just. Furthermore, it is Joseph Smith. I know of no new doc- a system of the world, devised by trine that has been revealed. Princi- man; and if there were a blessing atples that were revealed to the Prophet tached to the maintenace of their Joseph have grown and developed more churches, those who were unwilling to fully and clearly to the understanding; contribute would, of necessity, not be but we have received nothing new that entitled to the blessing. In the law of I know of. Yet if we should receive God more is not asked of one man than something new, through the

proper of another. The Lord has placed the channels of the Church, we should be duty or burden if duty with compenas ready and willing to receive it as sating blessings can be called a burden we were or would be to receive the equally upon every individual. His resame at the hands of the Prophet Jos- quirement is a just one, and it is simeph himself.

ply to give one-tenth of what He gives The law of tithing is no new doctrine. to us as the reward of our industry, The revelation upon that principle was economy and perseverance. If my onegiven to the Prophet Joseph Smith, tenth is large the payment of it is no The only trouble is, the Latter-day more of a burden upon me than it is Saints have more or less neglected to uron the man whose tenth is a small obey that law. It is to the credit of amount. It is only a tenth for all-no President Snow and his administration, more, no less. The Lord requires no and to the credit of the Latter-day more, under this law; and the interests Saints, that they have hearkened to his of the Church would, under existing counsel and that many of us observe circuinstances, require no more if all that law more faithfully today than we the people would observe the law. have done in years past. So far as I am Therefore, those who neglect this privipersonally concerned (and I think I lege neglect their opportunity to recould speak for some others of my ac- ceive a blessing at the hands of God. quaintance, although I prefer that they They are not law-abiding members of should speak for themselves),


the Church; for a man who keeps all preaching of the law of tithing within the laws, save one, and offends the last year and half

has in not keeping that, he is a law-breakmade not one whit of difference er, and he is not in harmony with the with me. My tithing today is the tenth purposes of the Almighty. When he is of all that God gives me. My eighed in the balance, he must of ne


ressity be found wanting, because he "Nevertheless, when the wicked ruie

the people mourn; has disobeyed one law at least that has

“Wherefore, honest men, and wise been given for his own good as well as

men, should be sought for diligently, for the maintenance of the temporal and good men and wise men ye should

observe to uphold; otherwise whatsointerests of the Church. It is the law

ever is less than these cometh of evil." of revenue for the Church. We do not

The question in my

mind is this: come to you begging, nor asking favors. We merely ask you to do your duty as Who is to judge who are the good men

and the wise men? If you leave me we lo ours, to obey the law of God as

to judge, I say one man; if you leave we do, and thereby put yourselves in

Brother Brigham to judge, he may say harmony with the requirements of God, by wilch you help yourselves to the another man; or, if we leave it to the

is favor and blessing of the Almighty, people to judge, one says this

the and assist in maintaining the tempor- wise man, and another says that is the

wise man. The question with me is: al interests of the kingdom of God on

Am I in a frame of mind, that when earth. We ask you also to be united, to be I get the word of the Lord as to who

is the right man, will I obey it, no one. The brethren have said a good

matter if it does come contrary to my deal during this conference about one

or predilections ? If I ness. I believe in union. I believe that convictions

feel that I can obey the word of God except we are one in those things which

on this matter, then I am in harmony pertain to the building up of Zion, we

with the spirit of the work of God. are not God's children. But I want to

If There

I cannot do it, I am not in harmony say to you that we are not one.

with that spirit. is not that union amongst us that should exist; sometimes when President We believe in home industry. We

believe in self-protection. Snow tells a brother what he would like

We want him to do, he at once turns on his heel the people to patronize home indusand says that comes in contact with tries, that they may not languish or his manhood and his independence, and

fail in our midst. Today we have a hu nrefers to follow the bent of his own woolen factory down in Provo. It has mind rather than to take such counsel.

been there for many years. President In that respect we are not always one. Young was the practical founder of it. And I want to say that this lack of one- He inaugurated it. What for? That ness is not confined to the people. It we might make our own blankets, and


not have to import them; that reaches into the higher ranks of

we Priesthood, if I have any power to dis

might make our Own wearing арcern Syirits.

parel, employ our own people, keep our Let me read what the Lord says: money at home, and grow wealthy, as

the Lord has designed we should. But “And now, verily verily I say unto you concerning the laws of the land

what is the result? Eighty-five per cent it is my will that my people should of the goods manufactured at that facobserve to do all things whatsoever I

tory has to find market in the command them.”

east, or west, for the want of This is the first point. It is the hub

support at home. We

have to of the wheel.


goods abroad to sell them. “And that law of the land which is Think of it! only

fifteen per constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights

cent of the product of the woolen mills and privileges, belongs to all mankind.

at Provo are consumed by the people at and is justifiable before me;

home; and yet that factory has not ca"Therefore, I, the Lord, justify you, pacity enough to furnish one-half of and your brethren of my Church, in

what the people here require-not onebefriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land;

quarter, Brother Smoot says, and he “And as pertaining to law of man, knows. How loyal we are to the prinwhatsoever is more or less than these, ciples that have been taught us by cometh of evil. “I, the Lord God, make you free,

Brigham Young! How loyal we are to therefore ye are free indeed; and the our own interests! Are you not ashamed law also maketh you free;

of these facts? I wear home-made



clothes, and I am proud of them. I Now let us rejoice in the day of salvahave worn but little else for years. If

tion. I have to pay a little more for them Prayer by Elder George Romney. than for eastern goods—which I do not Singing: think I do—they are more serviceable,

O, say what is truth. and it is far cheaper in the long run. But no! Some of our people would ELDER J. W. McMURRIN. rather buy shoddy from the east, made The Latter-day Saints a free people--A word to by eastern workmen from rags gathered

the Missionaries-Danger of becoming “rusty"

in the service of the Lord-An age of opporfrom pest houses and from the gutters,

tunities for the young-How to sustain authorand ground up and mixed into your ity. cloth that you buy from the world. I am pleased, my brethren and sisYou would rather have this than pat- ters, to be with you on

this ocronize home manufacture. Are

you casion, and

to have the opportunity ashamed of my appearance? These of lifting up my voice in your presclothes that I wear are of home-made ence in testimony of the Gospel of the cloth; the wool is from Utah sheep, Lord Jesus Christ, as it has been remade up by Utah workmen at the Provo vealed in this age of the world. And factory; and the clothes themselves I sincerely trust that while I occupy were cut and made by Utah tailors at this position I may be blessed of the John C. Cutler's. I am not ashamed of Lord and have the inspiration of His them. I therefore admonish you to look Spirit resting upon me; for without to our home industries. Not only is the

that Spirit I know that my words Provo factory manufacturing goods; would be as a sounding brass or as a but there are factories elsewhere. There tinkling cymbal in the midst of this is one in Ogden, another in Logan and great body of pec ple. But on the other still others on a small scale. They all hand I also know that when men speak are struggling against great odds, be- by the promptings of the Spirit of the cause the people are not in sympathy Lord their words are of great worth to with them; in fact, they discriminate the children of men, not only to those against them by buying their shoddy who may hear the words that are goods from the east instead of patron- spoken, who are in the congregation, izing home industries. I am ashamed but to the person that does the speakof that conduct. I think every honest ing as well. For all men are instructand intelligent man ought to be ashamed ed by the Spirit of the Lord. I feel of such conduct. We ought to be loyal that the people who have attended our enough to one another to sustain our- Conference and who have listened to the selves and make ourselves independent, testimonies and instructions that have God bless you. Amen.

been imparted by the Apostles of the "As the Dew from Heaven Descend- Lord Jesus Christ, know in their hearts ing" was sung by Sister Luella Ferrin that the brethren have been inspired and the choir.

and that they have not been giving Benediction by Bishop William B.

them anything that has been cunningly Preston,

devised, but that they have been delivering the word of the Lord, and the power of God has been made manifest

in the utterances of His servants. OVERFLOW MEETING IN THE AS

There should be with us as a people a SEMBLY HALL.

disposition to receive


counOwing to the large body of people un. sels that have been imparted, and able to gain access to the Tabernacle,

an anxiety that we may be in harmony ar overflow meeting was held in the As

with the servants of the Lord who have sembly Hall in the afternoon, begin- been chosen to direct the affairs of His ning at 2 p. m., at which Elder Heber

Church in these times. It is a glorious J. Grant, of the quorum of the Apostles, thing to have the feeling in our hearts pres'ded.

that we are in accord with the authority The Temple choir and congregation of the Lord and to feel, inasmuch as sàng:

we have put our hands to the plow and

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