Imatges de pàgina
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Turning with easy eye thou may'st behold-
From India and the golden Chersonese
And utmost Indian Isle Taprobane,
From Gallia, Gades, and the British west,
Germans and Scythians, and Sarmatians north,
Beyond Danubius to the Tauric puol :

MILTON, Paradise Regained.

Printed for C. TAYLOR, No. 108, Hatton Garden, Holbora,

By G. E. Jones and W. Hatfield,
At the MILTONIAN PRESS, 20, Great New Street.

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The commencement of a Second Volume affords an opportunity to the Editor of the LITERARY PANORAMA, for expressing his Gratitude to the Public, for that steady support, and increased patronage, with which the work has been favoured, during the preceding Volume. It is presumed, that none of its contemporaries can boast of an equal accession of new friends, in the same period ; and certainly not of greater attachment and liberality among its old friends. To favours received from the latter must be attributed, a great proportion of that interesting variety of articles, which in the judgment of the most competent, have continued to distinguish this Publication.

Peace also, has contributed her share to this distinction : and the correspondence that has lately flowed in from the most distant parts, gave the strongest assurance, of a continued abundance of papers, interesting, in every sense of the word.

The satisfaction of the Editor would have been complete, had it been in his power to have congratulated his country on the attainment of Universal Peace, with the prospect of its long continuance. Unfortunately, events deny that felicity; nevertheless, the present interruption will, it is hoped, prove only a partial, and temporary, impediment to that intercourse of liberal minds, on which expectation relied with confidence. This disappointment adds increasing interest to the advan

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