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In what respects the Hypocrites religion is not Vain.

80 In what respects his religion is Vair.

92 Use 1. Why a seeming outside Hy

pocritical religion is so common,
in comparison of serious faith
and godliness,

95 Wby Popery hath so many followers.

100 u le 2. To awaken the self-de

ceiving Hypocrite. 108 Teninfallible marks of grace;which

are in all that are found believers, and fet together,describe his state: premised to prevent the misapplication of what followeth, and * groundless trouble of the fincere.

iii Terror to the self-deceiver. 1. His

religion being Vain, his hopes and

Comforts are all Vain. 2. It will.deceive him in his extremity.

129 The detection of the Hypocrite, by

: 118

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