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" Queene Anne his wife, and Henry Frederick the Prince, vpon the Day of his Majesties tryumphant Passage (from the Tower) through his honourable Citie (and Chamber) of London, being the 15. of March. 1603. "
Librorum impressorum qui in museo Britannico adservantur catalogus [by P.H ...
per British museum dept. of pr. books - 1816
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The Cambridge History of Early Modern English Literature

Muller Janel, David Loewenstein, Janel Mueller, Mueller, Janel M. Mueller, William Rainey Harper Distinguished Service Professor Emerita Janel Mueller - 2002 - 1038 pÓgines
...James, Queene Anne his -wife, and Henry Frederick the Prince, upon the day of his Maiesties Tr[i]umphant passage (from the Tower) through his Honourable Citie...(and Chamber) of London, being the 15, of March. 1603 [ie, 1604] (1604) and The Arches of Triumph (1604), an illustrated account of the triumphal arches...
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