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" O thou, that, with surpassing glory crown'd, Look'st from thy sole dominion, like the god Of this new world ; at whose sight all the stars Hide their diminish'd heads ; to thee I call, But with no friendly voice, and add thy name, 0 sun ! to tell thee... "
An Essay on Elocution: With Elucidatory Passages from Various Authors - Pàgina 44
per John Hanbury Dwyer - 1843
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Milton's Secrecy: And Philosophical Hermeneutics

James Dougal Fleming - 2008 - 196 pàgines
...thy sole Dominion like the God Of this new World; at whose sight all the Starrs Hide thir diminisht heads: to thee I call, But with no friendly voice,...from what state 1 fell, how glorious once above thy Spheare. (4.32-39) Satan curses where Adam rejoices, and that is important. It is more fundamentally...
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