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" BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne, Ye nations bow with sacred joy : Know that the Lord is God alone ; He can create, and he destroy. 2 His sovereign power, without our aid, Made us of clay, and formed us men ; And when, like wandering sheep, we strayed, He... "
Psalms and hymns, selected for use in the services of the Church [compiled ... - PÓgina 70
editat per - 1843 - 250 pÓgines
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The Book of Daniel Drew

Bouck White - 2005 - 240 pÓgines
...so sat in the front pew. I'm not much of a singer, but I couldn't help joining in the hymn; Before Jehovah's awful throne, Ye nations bow with sacred joy; Know that the Lard is God alone; He can create and He destroy. There was prayer by Dr. Durbin, and an address by...
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