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" If there be, what I believe there is, in every nation, a style which never becomes obsolete, a certain mode of phraseology so consonant and congenial to the analogy and principles of its respective language, as to remain settled and unaltered... "
Synonymisches Handw÷rterbuch der englischen Sprache fŘr die Deutschen - PÓgina 266
per H. M. Melford - 1841 - 448 pÓgines
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The Tragedy of King Lear: With Classic and Contemporary Criticisms

William Shakespeare - 2008 - 340 pÓgines
...washing the dissoluble fabrics of other poets, passes without injury by the adamant of Shakespeare. If there be, what I believe there is, in every nation,...unaltered; this style is probably to be sought in the common intercourse of life, among those who speak only to be understood, without ambition of elegance....
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