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" Romans, countrymen, and lovers! hear me for my cause ; and be silent that you may hear : believe me for mine honour; and have respect to mine honour, that you may believe: censure me in your wisdom; and awake your senses that you may the better judge.... "
The British Theatre; Or, A Collection of Plays: Which are Acted at the ... - PÓgina 40
per Mrs. Inchbald - 1808
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Challenging Humanism: Essays in Honor of Dominic Baker-Smith

Dominic Baker-Smith - 2005 - 335 pÓgines
...values. Shakespeare creates an ironic perspective in Brutus's tyrannical imperative, "Be patient till the last. / Romans, countrymen, and lovers, hear me for my cause, and be silent that you may hear" (3.2.1214). This is a far cry from Elizabeth's appealing opening at Tilbury, "My loving people." For...
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