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" We'll crowd Thy gates with thankful songs, High as the heavens our voices raise ; And earth with her ten thousand tongues Shall fill Thy courts with sounding praise. "
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Social and Private Worship - PÓgina 3
1812 - 284 pÓgines
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Christian Belief: A Short History for Today

Gillian Rosemary Evans - 2006 - 230 pÓgines
...thread of expectation that worshipping will continue in heaven. As the eighteenth-century hymn has it: We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs, High as...thousand tongues, Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise.'7 God Almighty".1'8 Worship (from 'worthship') implies honour, respect, adoration. The notion...
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