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first appearance. From such sources several additions have been made to Swift's publications upon Wood's scheme, as well as to his other Tracts


Irish affairs. Siathly, The Rev. Mr Berwick, so well known to the literary world, has obliged the Editor with some curious illustrations of the Dean's last satirical Tracts, and particularly of that entitled the Legion Club; and has also communicated to him the suppressed correspondence between Swift and Miss Vanhomrigh, which has been so long a desideratum in all editions of the author. The Editor might mention many other gentlemen of literary eminence, who have had the goodness to give countenance to his undertaking. But enough has been said for the present purpose, which is only to give an account to the public of some of the facilities afforded to the Editor of improving the present edition of Swift's Works, both by the recovery of original compositions, and by collating, correcting, and enlarging those which have been already published.

In the Biographical Memoir, it has been the object of the Editor to condense the information afforded by Mr Sheridan, Lord Orrery, Dr Delany, Deane Swift, Dr Johnson, and others, into one distinct and comprehensive narrative.

Some preliminary critical observations are offered on Swift's most interesting productions; and historical explanations and anecdotes accompany his political treatises. So that,

So that, upon the whole, it is hoped this Edition may be considered as improved, as well as enlarged; and, in either point of view, may have some claim to public favour.

ABBOTSFORD, 1st July 1814.


Section III.--Swift's Journey to England, in 1710_His

Quarrel with the Whigs, and Union with Harley

and the Administration. He writes the Examiner

-The Character of Lord Wharton, and other

Political Tracts-Obtains the First-Fruits and

Twentieth-parts for the Irish Clergy_His Cor-

respondence with Archbishop King-His intimacy

with the Ministers - The Services which he ren-

ders to them-Project for improving the English

Language-His Protection of Literary Characters

-Difficulties attending his Church Preferment-

He is made Dean of St Patrick's, and returns to



Section IV.-Swift takes possession of his Deanery-Is

recalled to England to reconcile Harley and St

John-Increases in favour with Oxford – Engages

again in Political Controversy_Writes the Public

Spirit of the Whigs-A Reward offered for dis-

covery of the Author— The dissensions of the Mi-

nisters increase-Swift retires to the Country,

Writes Thoughts on the present State of Affairs-

Writes to Lord Oxford on his being displaced,

and retires to Ireland on the Queen's Death-His

Reception-His Society-The Interest he dis-

played in the Misfortunes of his Friends,


Section V.-Swift's first acquaintance with Miss Vanhom-

righ-She follows him to Ireland-Swift's Mar-

riage with Stella-Death of Miss Vanhomrigh-

Poem of Cadenus and Vanessa-Swift's Studies

during his retirement from 1714 to 1720—His

System of Life and Amusement-Engages in Irish

Politics His proposal for Encouragement of Irish

Manufactures-And other Tracts Drapier's Let-

ters-Swift's subsequent Popularity,


Section VI.-Swift retires to Quilca—His friendship for

Sheridan-He visits England-Has an audience

of Walpole-Becomes known at the Prince of

Wales' Court-Returns to Ireland, and publishes

Gulliver's Travels-He revisits England - And is

recalled by Stella's indisposition-Her Death-

Swift breaks with the Court and Minister-His

Writings on Irish Affairs-He quarrels with Lord

Allen-Is intimate with Carteret A Letter is

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