Finishing Strong with Joy

AuthorHouse, 16 de maig 2007 - 240 pàgines
"FINISHING STRONG WITH JOY" is a book about the life and ministry of Winston Shaffer.  He is a highly respected minister.  Winston tells stories about true life experiences never heard by anyone.  Many of the stories are about how God gave him directions to do things unheard of by many pastors during his fifty years of reality ministry.  The stories will take you from tears to laughter because of his unique ability to tell stories that will touch your heart.  The words of wisdom spoken by Winston will build your faith to overcome every situation in your daily walk of faith.  

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Winston Shaffer has been the pastor of seven different congregations during fifty years of reality ministry.  The rich heritage, which included his grandfather being a minister also his father and now his two sons and grandson.  He demonstrates an extraordinary sense of humor in telling stories about epidoses that happened in his ministry.  He relates true life stories that will touch your heart about miracles of healing and provisions.  Winston Shaffer is an awesome man of God and a role model for all pastors.

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