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" ... fee, gee (hard), hee, jee, kee, lee, mee, nee, pee, ree, see, tee, vee, yee, wee, zee. He puts the number of vowel sounds at twelve, the diphthongal ones at four. At page 47 the reasons which had guided the author are thus stated : " If I thought... "
A Defence of Phonetic Spelling: Drawn from a History of the English Alphabet ... - PÓgina 8
per Robert Gordon Latham - 1872 - 142 pÓgines
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English in Nineteenth-Century England: An Introduction

Manfred G÷rlach - 1999 - 356 pÓgines
...G Latham, 'On spelling reform ' (1834) If I thought mey attempt destined to share the fate of mani such as have gone before it and been similar to it,...was doomed to be raked up from the pit of oblivion onli in order to be held up as a warning to others of the futility of such leyk efforts as the present...
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