"God's Grandeur" and Other Poems

Courier Corporation, 1 de gen. 1995 - 54 pàgines
Excellent sampling of works by one of the Victorian era’s most individual poets includes—among other strikingly original poems—The Wreck of the Deutschland, "Carrion Comfort," "The Caged Skylark," "The Silver Jubilee," as well as a selection of unfinished poems and poem fragments.

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Review: God's Grandeur and Other Poems

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I got a hardcover of Hopkins, and I have one of those Christmas give-something-old-of-yours away things coming up, so I thought I'd give this one away. So, I read through it again. It rocks so good ... Llegeix la ressenya completa

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Sobre l'autor (1995)

Gerard M. Hopkins was born on July 28, 1844 in England, into a large and talented family. He attended Oxford, and entered the Jesuits in 1868. He later studied theology and, after destroying much of his youthful poetry, took up writing. In 1877, Hopkins was ordained as a priest. He was assigned to several churches and continued to write poetry, none of which was published until after his death. Hopkins's poems are noted for their intricate rhythm, which he labeled sprung rhythm. The poems are exemplified by their clever puns, wordplay and imaginative phrasing. His works include several series of sonnets, such as Pied Beauty and The Windhover, as well as "terrible" sonnets that explore the conflict between his sexual longing and his devotion to God. Gerard M. Hopkins died of typhoid fever on June 8, 1889, in Ireland.

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