The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

Matthew Britt
Burns Oates & Washbourne Limited, 1922 - 383 pàgines

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Pàgina 208 - That day of wrath, .that dreadful day, When heaven and earth shall pass away, What power shall be the sinner's stay ? How shall he meet that dreadful day ? When, shrivelling like a parched scroll, The flaming heavens together roll ; When louder yet, and yet more dread, Swells the high trump that wakes the dead ! Oh ! on that day, that wrathful day, When man to judgment wakes from clay, Be THOU the trembling sinner's stay, Though heaven and earth shall pass away ! HUSH'D is the harp — the Minstrel...
Pàgina 109 - But what to those who find ? Ah ! this Nor tongue nor pen can show ; The love of Jesus, what it is None but His loved ones know.
Pàgina 354 - All jubilant with song, And bright with many an angel, And all the martyr throng. The Prince is ever in them, The daylight is serene ; The pastures of the blessed Are decked in glorious sheen.
Pàgina 352 - BRIEF life is here our portion ; Brief sorrow, short-lived care; The life that knows no ending, The tearless life, is there.
Pàgina 353 - Thou hast no shore, fair ocean ! Thou hast no time, bright day ! Dear fountain of refreshment To pilgrims far away ! Upon the Rock of Ages They raise Thy holy tower; Thine is the victor's laurel, And Thine the golden dower.
Pàgina 109 - O Hope of every contrite heart! O Joy of all the meek! To those who fall, how kind thou art! How good to those who seek!
Pàgina 352 - But He whom now we trust in Shall then be seen and known; And they that know and see Him Shall have Him for their own.
Pàgina 111 - Light of all below ! Thou Fount of life and fire ! Surpassing all the joys we know, All that we can desire...
Pàgina 351 - The world is very evil; the times are waxing late: Be sober and keep vigil; the Judge is at the gate: the Judge that comes in mercy, the Judge that comes with might to terminate the evil, to diadem the right.
Pàgina 127 - Faithful cross ! above all other, One and only noble tree ! None in foliage, none in blossom, None in fruit thy peers may be : Sweetest wood, and sweetest iron ! Sweetest weight is hung on thee.

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