The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French: With a Preliminary View of the French Revolution, Volum 7

Ballantyne and Company, 1827

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Pàgina 286 - ... successful arms had now attained such an apparently immense superiority. Yet he did not suffer himself to be dazzled by the advantage he had obtained, but availed himself of the light of the blazing bazaar to write to the Emperor proposals of peace with his own hand. They were despatched by a Russian officer of rank, who had been disabled by indisposition from following the army; but no answer was ever returned.
Pàgina 285 - The memorable conflagration began amongst the coachmakers' warehouses and workshops in the Bazaar, or general market, which was the most rich district of the city. It was imputed to accident, and the progress of the flames was subdued by the exertions of the French soldiers. Napoleon, who had been roused by the tumult, hurried to the spot, and when the alarm seemed at an end, he retired, not to his former quarters in the suburbs, but to the Kremlin...
Pàgina 288 - The equinoctial gales rose higher and higher upon the third night, and extended the flames, with which there was no longer any human power of contending. At the dead hour of midnight, the Kremlin itself was found to be on fire. A soldier of the Russian police, charged with being the incendiary, was turned over to the summary vengeance of the Imperial Guard.
Pàgina 382 - The right of this corps d'armee rested on the river ; a ravine full of bushes covered their front, but the left wing had no point of support, It remained, according to the military phrase, in the air, and was covered by two regiments of cavalry. Behind this defensive line were many thousands of stragglers, mingled with the usual followers of a camp, and with all those individuals who, accompanying, for various reasons, the French from Moscow, had survived the horrors of the march. Women, children,...
Pàgina 383 - The weak and helpless either shrunk back from the fray, and sat down to wait their fate at a distance, or, mixing in it, were thrust over the bridges, crushed under carriages, cut down perhaps with sabres, or trampled to death under the feet of their countrymen. All this while the action continued with fury, and, as if the Heavens meant to match their wrath with that of man, a hurricane arose, and added terrors to a scene which was already of a character sodreadful.
Pàgina 394 - I should marry an archduchess." (This was said with an air of much gaiety). " In the same manner, in Russia, I could not prevent its freezing. They told me every morning that I had lost 10,000 horses during the night. Well, farewell to you ! " He bade them adieu five or six times in the course of the harangue, but always returned to the subject. " Our Norman horses are less hardy than those of the Russians — they sink under ten degrees of cold (beneath zero).
Pàgina 205 - It is unnecessary to recall to generals, officers, and soldiers, what is expected from their loyalty and courage ; the blood of the ancient Sclavonians circulates in their veins. Soldiers, you fight for your religion, your liberty, and your native land. Your Emperor is amongst you, and God is the enemy of the aggressor.
Pàgina 272 - Regiments of peasants, who till that day had never seen war, and who still had no other uniform than their grey jackets, formed with the steadiness of veterans, crossed their brows, and having uttered their national exclamation,—" Gospodee pomiloui nas !—God have mercy upon us !" —rushed into the thickest of the battle, where the survivors, without feeling fear or astonishment, closed their ranks over their comrades as they fell...
Pàgina 300 - Frenchmen," this was the tenor of this remarkable intimation, " for eight years it has been my pleasure to embellish this my family residence. The inhabitants, 1720 in number, will leave it as you approach; and it will be reduced to ashes that not one of you may pollute it by your presence. I have left you two palaces in Moscow, with their furniture, worth half a million of rubles. Here you will only find ashes."—Twenty-third Bulletin.
Pàgina 16 - Joséphine appeared in presence of the arch-chancellor, the family of Napoleon, the principal officers of state, — in a word, the full Imperial Council. In this assembly, Napoleon stated the deep national interest which required that he should have successors of his own body, the heirs of his love for his people, to occupy the throne on which Providence had placed him. He informed them, that he had for several years renounced the hope of having children by his wellbeloved empress...

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