Land & sea tales, by the Old Sailor


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Pàgina 283 - Gerstaecker's books abound in adventure and scenes of excitement; and are fully equal, in that respect, to the stories either of Marryat, Cooper, or Dana.
Pàgina 254 - ... with him on board the cutter, and had sent the barge away to assist his comrades. He then descended to the cabin of the packet, where the passengers in indescribable terror were crowded together, and uttering bitter lamentations. But there was one who attracted his attention more than all the rest, and awakened every generous emotion of his heart. It was a young female of exquisite beauty, apparently about seventeen years of age, but her countenance was that of fixed despair. Her dress was elegant,...
Pàgina 283 - TURKEY, by the Roving Englishman; Sketches on the Continent. I being Sketches from Life. - ' Who is unfamiliar with those brilliant sketches of naval, particularly the pictures of Turkish life and manners, from the pen of the 'Roving Englishman,' and who does not hail their collection into a companionable-sized volume with delight?
Pàgina 283 - Scarcely less ability, or, rather, we should say, perhaps more correctly, scarcely less adroitness in the choice of a new theme, in the instance of one of his latest literary productions, viz., the ' Star Chamber.' But the readers of Mr. Ainsworth — and they now number thousands upon thousands — need hardly be informed of this : and now that a uniform illustrated edition of his works is published, we do not doubt but that this large number of readers even will be considerably increased."— Sun.
Pàgina 257 - ... Wilkinson was much attached to Montagu, and heard with considerable pain the causes of his capture as they were detailed by the second in command, who, from motives of personal hostility, had given a colouring to the whole transaction which perverted the truth, although adhering to occurrences that were undeniable. Of his ultimate fate they were ignorant, but it seemed most probable that death had cleared the forfeit for his breach of discipline. But, happily for Montagu, it was not so; and,...
Pàgina 262 - ... man does his duty ; and as to Mr. Montagu, may I be 1 beg pardon, your honours, but I was going to say if ever a seaman fought as a seaman should fight, it was Mr. Montagu ! But, what's the worth of a heart that has no compassion for a signal of distress, and would leave a fellow-creature to be wrecked, when a spare anchor would save 'em?" " Attend, coxswain," said the president; "do you think the prisoner had any other motive in going over to Corsoer than that which you have mentioned?
Pàgina 257 - ... guardian ; and sentiments of devout gratitude were united with the most delightful sensations of strong and ardent affection. Montagu awoke from his sleep with the objects of his dream still strongly impressed upon his imagination — he unclosed his eyes, but the vision of his slumbers appeared to be realized, for he actually beheld the eyes of that lovely female bent full upon him, whilst a benign look of compassion gave a peculiar and interesting expression to her face. It was, in fact, the...
Pàgina 283 - It is scarcely surprising that Harrison Ainsworth should have secured to himself a very wide popularity, when we consider how happily he has chosen his themes. Sometimes, by the luckiest inspiration, he has chosen a romance of captivating and enthralling fascinations, such as ' Crichton,' the
Pàgina 257 - Danes to discontinue the chase, lest they should be unable to retreat. But the great force of the enemy, the incessant fire which they kept up, together with their superior sailing, left him but small hopes of escape. Suddenly the seventy-four shifted her position ; the tall masts were concealed under clouds of canvas, and the lieutenant became sensible that his brave captain was hastening to his rescue as speedily as a slant wind would permit. The momentous struggle arrived ; two of the largest...

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