Journal of the Society of Arts, Volum 6

The Society, 1858

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Pàgina 290 - ... shall be entitled to exercise that right in the territories of the other of such countries for the same term, and to the same extent, as the authors of works of the same nature, if published in such other country, would therein be entitled to exercise such right ; so that the republication or piracy in either country, of any work of literature or of art...
Pàgina 257 - Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to inquire into the Bankrupt Laws ; and i This and the two preceding motions were lost by large majorities.
Pàgina 289 - to inquire into the best means of extending a knowledge of the arts, and of the principles of design, among the people (especially the manufacturing population) of the country ; also to inquire into the constitution, management, and effects of institutions connected with the arts.
Pàgina 290 - ... countries do now or may hereafter give the right of property, or copyright, shall be entitled to exercise that right in the territories of the other of such countries for the 1852.
Pàgina 132 - It will thus be seen, that the quality of the iron regularly increased up to No. 6 (the slight difference of No. 5 may perhaps be attributed to the sample being slightly defective) ; and that from No. 6 the descent was in a similar ratio to the previous increase.
Pàgina 303 - Ibs. is sufficient to produce fracture if passed over them at the rate of 30 miles an hour. It also appeared that when motion was given to the load, the points of greatest deflection, and, still more, of the greatest strains, did not remain in the centre of the bars, but were removed nearer to the remote extremity of the bar. The bars, when broken by a travelling load, were always fractured at points beyond their centres, and often broken into four or five pieces, thus indicating the great and unusual...
Pàgina 291 - Majesty, for the benefit of authors of books, dramatic pieces, musical compositions, drawings, paintings, articles of sculpture, engravings, lithographs, and any other works of literature and of the fine arts, in which the laws of Great Britain and of...
Pàgina 286 - The common law does give a man who has composed a work a right to that composition, just as he has a right to any other part of his personal property ; but the question of the right of excluding all the world from copying, and of himself claiming the exclusive right of for ever copying his own composition after he has published it to the world, is a totally different question.
Pàgina 97 - Geography. Every candidate will be required to draw from memory an outline map of some country in Europe...
Pàgina 18 - CLARK (Member) begged to propose a vote of thanks to the author of the Paper.

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