The new encyclopędia; or, Universal dictionary ofarts and sciences, Volum 20


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Pągina 251 - And they taught in Judah, and had the book of the law of the LORD with them, and went about throughout all the cities of Judah, and taught the people.
Pągina 378 - Sight, no profit was ever sought or gained. It is an involuntary affection, in which neither hope nor fear are known to have any part.
Pągina 385 - Immodest words admit of no defence ; For want of decency is want of sense.
Pągina 377 - I think, may be said with confidence, that none but ignorant people pretend to be gifted in this way ; and in them, it may be nothing more, perhaps, than short fits of sudden sleep, or drowsiness, attended with lively dreams, and arising from some bodily disorder, the effect of idleness, low spirits, or a gloomy imagination.
Pągina 66 - twould not care : 'Twould make clean shoes, and in the earth Set leeks and onions, and so forth : It had been 'prentice to a brewer, Where this and more it did endure, But left the trade, as many more Have lately done on the same score. In th' holsters, at his saddle-bow, Two aged pistols he did stow, Among the surplus of such meat As in his hose he could not get : These would inveigle rats with th...
Pągina 332 - ... that * the air at fea, and clofe to it, is in general purer and fitter for animal life than the air on the land ; though it feems to...
Pągina 396 - ... promife to abide by them the reft of his life. They offered to admit Mr Wilkins into their fociety -, but he declined the honour, contenting himfelf with their alphabet, which they told him to guard as the apple of his eye, as it was a facred character.
Pągina 377 - ... or fociety, may continue to haunt him as long as he lives, and...
Pągina 123 - Scots about a truce of peace ; or. if that could not be obtained, to make a mutual agreement, that the towns of Dumfries in Scotland, and Penrith in England, (hou'.il be frco from hoftilities during the war.
Pągina 377 - A treatife on the f-ibjeft was publiihcd in the year 1762, in which many tales were told of perfons whom the author . believed to have been favoured, or haunted, with thefe illuminations ; but...

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