The Leadership Of Joseph Smith: The Symbolic Version Of The Book Of Mormon

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 632 pàgines
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It's Only Cigars is an all-American story about truth, justice, and every American's right to smoke a Cuban. Cigar, that is not kill one. It's Only Cigars is a political satire that evokes the right to have the right to have a hundred Cubans. And to puff them too! It's a narrative non-fiction saga about a trek through America's legal jurisprudence system that leads the reader to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth behind the humor door with the federal court case U.S. vs. 100 Cuban Cigars and reminds one of another Catch-22 fable.It's also a tale about abuse.About how much money the government will spend; how many agents used; and, how much time wasted with preventing the common citizen from smoking a fine Cuban stoogie.Finally, it's an anecdote about the myth behind THE (Cuban) embargo.'Why there is one; who really wants it or is against it; and, why it will remain long after Castro departs his perch.

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