Writing Research/researching Writing: Through a Poet's i

P. Lang, 2001 - 208 pàgines
This book will be of interest to those whose lives include writing, particularly when that writing is attached to a life that also includes teaching and learning; it seeks to engage with those who have a passion for words and for wordmaking - for those who are curious about how these curricular acts become inextricably tangled in ways that are both maddening and hopeful. Moving backward and forward, between the lived particulars of a group of preservice teachers' writing practices in a workshop-styled setting and the writing practice of a researcher/teacher educator/poet curious about the acts of learning and teaching, writing and researching, this work attempts to live well with the necessarily tangled relationships among literacy, aesthetic practice, and the ongoing production of subjectivity in teacher education and our educational researchings of teacher education.

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Through a Poets I
A Bowl of Yellow Flowers Stains the Canvas
A Life That Includes Writing

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Sobre l'autor (2001)

The Author: Gary William Rasberry teaches sessionally in the Faculty of Education at Queen's University where he recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship. He has written a number of articles in the areas of curriculum studies, writing pedagogy, and teacher education. A published poet and working musician, Rasberry is interested in the tangle where teacher education, aesthetic practice, and the arts come together and apart.

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