Prayer + Plus: Prayers Linked with Bible Verses

Alpha Press, 1993 - 138 pàgines
This book is an anthology of instinctively matched Bible verses with prayers, suitable for private or public worship, and for meditation. The publication of this second, revised edition has been eagerly awaited since the first edition sold out in 1990. The book contains 26 chapters, including Trust in God, Guidance and Direction, Parish and People, Home and Family, Life and Service, Perseverance and Endurance, Morning and Evening Prayers and Giving of Thanks.

Què en diuen els usuaris - Escriviu una ressenya

No hem trobat cap ressenya als llocs habituals.

Sobre l'autor (1993)

Edmund Buxton has had a wide experience and ministry and has served on the liturgical committee of the Bath and Wells diocese.

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