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" ... Dr. George Butt, Vicar of Kidderminster, after a visit to Abberley Lodge (the seat of Robert Bromley, grandson of Walsh's sister Ann) composed a poetic "Epithalamium, " in which Addison is depicted as having enjoyed the hospitality of this country... "
Poems by George Butt. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. [-II.]. - Pàgina 24
per George Butt - 1793
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...entertained as guests the poets Pope, Dryden, and Addison. Of the last-named poet, Dr. Butt says : " It is more than probable, that it was in this fitting...seat of the Muses where this amiable writer planned his Worcestershire papers, and saw the original Sir Roger de Coverley." — Note to p. 24., vol. i....
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