Making the Courage Connection: How People Get from Fear to Freedom and How You Can Too

Simon and Schuster, 19 de febr. 1998 - 240 pàgines
It takes courage to turn your dreams into reality. It takes courage just to have a dream in the first place. But where can you find courage? And how can you use courage to draw true satisfaction from your life? For each of us, the journey to find courage is different. But within the pages of Making the Courage Connection, you'll find the wisdom and inspiration necessary to discover the courage to follow your own heart and lead a fulfilled life. Through the inspiring stories of ordinary people who freed themselves from fear, Doug Hall explains how to break free from fear one step at a time, prune away doubts, and live life on your own terms.

Whether you want to start a new career, build new relationships, teach your children discipline, or even lead a multimillion-dollar project, you can find your own special brand of courage. Making the Courage Connection is an essential tool for success in work and life.


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Believe to Achieve
On Your Mark Get Set Take a First Step
Fear Is Relative So Use Relativity to Defeat It
Send Your Fear Dragons Running
Listen to Your Heart
Dont Make ExcusesMake Things Happen
lake ActionDo It Now
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