Traditionary Anecdotes of Shakespeare: Collected in Warwickshire, in the Year MDCXCIII. Now First Published from the Original Manuscript

T. Rodd, 1838 - 19 pàgines

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Pàgina 3 - Near the wall where his monument is erected lieth a plain freestone, underneath which his body is buried, with this epitaph, made by himself a little before his death...
Pàgina 3 - Olympus habet. Stay passenger, why goest thou by so fast ? Read, if thou canst, whom envious death hath plast Within this monument; Shakespeare with whome Quick nature dide; whose name doth deck ys tombe Far more than cost; sith all yt he hath writt Leaves living art but page to serve his witt.
Pàgina 4 - Not one for fear of the curse above-said dare touch his grave-stone, though his wife and daughters did earnestly desire to be laid in the same grave with him.
Pàgina 4 - The clerk that showed me this church is above eighty years old ; he says that this Shakespeare was formerly in this town bound apprentice to a butcher, but that he run from his master to London, and there was received into the playhouse as a servitor, and by this means had an opportunity to be what he afterwards proved.
Pàgina 3 - tis what I thought worthy my remembrance, and by consequence my friends. The first remarkable place in this county that I visited, was Stratford-super-Avon, where I saw the effigies of our English tragedian, Mr.

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