Who Is This Man?: Christ in the Renewal of the Church

William Davage, Jonathan Baker
A&C Black, 10 d’ag. 2006 - 130 pàgines
One of the concerns of Archbishop Rowan Williams has been for theological renewal in the Christian Churches.  The Catholic authors of this book look at the topic they consider crucial - Christology.

The study of the person of Christ and in partiular the union in him of the Divine and human natures is of the greatest importance today as Christians face the challenges of secularism. The Gospels indicate that the historical Christ claimed to be both God and man and the earliest Christians regarded him as such.

This profound book will cause much debate and may well have a lasting influence on the way people think.

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All for Jesus
The Architecture of the Priesthood
Consecration Coherence Catholicity
Anglicans ARCIC and Ecclesiology
Anglicans ARCIC and Ecclesiology
Reflections on a Life
Do You Love Me?
Bluh Bluh Hail Rejoice
Be Still and Know That I am God

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Sobre l'autor (2006)

Dr Jonathan Baker is Warden of Pusey House, Oxford. A theologian of the first rank, he is a member of The Society of the Sacred Cross and has recently edited a collection of essays for SPCK on women bishops. Fr William Davage is Priest Librarian of Pusey House, Oxford.

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