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Pàgina 164 - Liberty first, and Union afterwards; but everywhere, spread all over in characters of living light, blazing on all its ample folds, as they float over the sea and over the land, and in every wind under the whole heavens, that other sentiment, dear to every true American heart, Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable.
Pàgina 16 - Philosophical Argument, especially that drawn from the vastness of the universe, in comparison with the apparent insignificance of this globe, has sometimes shaken my reason for the faith which is in me; but my heart has always assured and re-assured me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be a Divine Reality. The Sermon on the Mount cannot be a merely human production. This belief enters into the very depth of my conscience. The whole history of man proves it.
Pàgina 58 - He, the more fortunate ! yea, he hath finished ! For him there is no longer any future, His life is bright — bright without spot it was And cannot cease to be. No ominous hour Knocks at his door 'with tidings of mishap. Far off is he, above desire and fear ; No more submitted to the change and chance Of the unsteady planets. O 'tis well With him ! but who knows what the coming hour Veil'd in thick darkness brings for us ! Coun.
Pàgina 224 - Let their last feeble and lingering glance rather behold the gorgeous ensign of the republic, now known and honored throughout the earth, still full high advanced, its arms and trophies streaming in their original lustre, not a stripe erased or polluted, nor a single star obscured, bearing for its motto no such miserable interrogatory as "What is all this worth?
Pàgina 189 - November 6, 1852; the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted : Resolved, That in the death of...
Pàgina 204 - Wheresoever among men a heart shall be found that beats to the transports of patriotism and liberty, its aspirations shall be to claim kindred with thy spirit!
Pàgina 93 - ... the offices of legislation and diplomacy; of preserving the peace, keeping the honor, establishing the boundaries, and vindicating the neutral rights of his country; restoring a sound currency, and laying its foundation sure and deep; in upholding public credit; in promoting foreign commerce and domestic industry ; in developing our uncounted material resources; giving the lake and the river to trade; and vindicating and interpreting the Constitution and the Law. On all these subjects; on all...
Pàgina 100 - I should indicate it as another influence of his life, acts, and opinions, that it was, in an extraordinary degree, uniformly and liberally conservative. He saw with vision as of a prophet, that if our system of united government can be maintained till a nationality shall be generated, of due intensity and due comprehension, a glory indeed millennial, a progress without end, a triumph of humanity hitherto unseen, were ours; and, therefore, he addressed himself to maintain that united government....
Pàgina 60 - ... part, to magnify his name and his praise. They are spread throughout the land. From East to West, and from North to South (which he knew, as he told you, only that he might embrace them in the arms of loving patriotism), a voice of lamentation has already gone forth, such as has not echoed through the land since the death of him who was first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.
Pàgina 107 - Here lies our good Edmund, whose genius was such, We scarcely can praise it, or blame it too much; Who, born for the universe, narrowed his mind, And to party gave up what was meant for mankind.

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