Gone to Seed

AuthorHouse, 2005 - 172 pàgines

I came up during the times when men made corn whiskey for a living to support their families. Life was hard during the depression years and jobs were scarce. I knew a lot of bootleggers in Berkeley County, and they knew they could trust me. I could get some of their best whiskey any time I wanted it. I never made 'shine but I did haul some and drank quite a bit of it. I had one good friend who worked with me for many years. We always kept a couple of jars of good corn whiskey in our cars. We enjoyed getting loaded, fishing in the sanctuary, and hunting in season or out of season. The only 'seasons' we bothered our minds with, were salt and pepper! We lived the life style of Huckleberry Finn. I can't afford to tell all that I know about Berkeley County as there are still people living today that would take me out in a heartbeat! While traveling around different areas of the Country, telling some of these tales, I have had several people ask me to write some of the stories down. It is difficult for the younger generations to believe these things really happened! I wrote this book to refresh the memories of our older people and give the younger people an insight into how we lived during the ole days. Politicians could buy votes for five dollars and for just a few dollars more, bootleggers could get the lawmen to look the other way. I wonder if things have really changed in our country or if the price has just gone up?!?

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