Catalogue of the Bric-a-brac: Rare Oriental Rugs, Oil Paintings, Furniture, Fine Curtains, Large Collection of Fine Old Engravings and Etchings and the Valuable Library Belonging to the Estate of the Late Rev. Henry Ward Beecher; the Whole to be Sold by Auction ... on Tuesday, November 8th, 1887, and Following Days ... American Art Association, Managers. Thomas E. Kirby, Auctioneer

Press of J. J. Little & Company, 1887 - 280 pàgines

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Pàgina 126 - LANZI (AL). HISTORY of PAINTING in ITALY, from the Period of the Revival of the Fine Arts to the End of the Eighteenth Century. Translated by Thomas Roscoe. 6 vols. 8vo,
Pàgina 136 - MCCARTHY (Justin). HISTORY of Our OWN TIMES from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the Berlin Congress. 4 vols. 8vo,
Pàgina 172 - RITSON (J.). ROBIN HOOD : a Collection of all the Ancient Poems, Songs and Ballads, now extant, relative to that celebrated English Outlaw, with
Pàgina 182 - SHAKESPEARE. A COLLECTION OF PRINTS, from Pictures painted for the purpose of illustrating the DRAMATIC WORKS of SHAKESPEARE, by the Artists of Great Britain.
Pàgina 85 - ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK of ARCHITECTURE. A concise and popular Account of the different Styles of Architecture prevailing in all Ages and Countries. With 850 illustrations on wood. 2 vols. 8vo,
Pàgina 164 - PORTRAITS of ILLUSTRIOUS PERSONAGES of the COURT of HENRY VIII. Engraved in Imitation of the Original Drawings of HANS HOLBEIN, in the Collection of his Majesty. With Biographical and Historical Memoirs, by Edmund Lodge.
Pàgina 181 - His notes prove him to be capable of profound as well as delicate and sympathetic exegesis, and we think that a careful collation justifies us in saying that in acute discrimination of aesthetic shades of expression, and often of textual niceties, Mr. White is superior to any previous editor."—Lowell.
Pàgina 116 - JAMESON (MRS.). LEGENDS of the MADONNA, as represented in the Fine Arts. Forming the third series of Sacred and Legendary Art. Illustrated.
Pàgina 184 - SIBORNE (Capt. W.). HISTORY of the WAR in FRANCE and BELGIUM, in 1815. Containing Minute Details of the Battles of Quartre-Bras, Ligny, Wavre, and Waterloo.

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