[pt. 1]. Of the progress made in it during the reign of King Henry VIII

at the Clarendon Press, 1816

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Pàgina 655 - They were first set up in the church about the end of the second, or the beginning of the third century, in the middle of which we find both Cornelius, bishop of Rome, and St.
Pàgina 297 - And enter not into judgment with thy servant: for in thy sight shall no man living be justified.
Pàgina 261 - Provided always, that this Act, nor any thing or things therein contained, shall be hereafter interpreted or expounded, that your grace, your nobles and subjects, intend, by the same, to decline or vary from the congregation of Christ's Church in any things concerning the very articles of the Catholic faith of Christendom, or in any other things declared, by Holy Scripture and the Word of God...
Pàgina 369 - heard say the executioner was very good, and I have " a little neck ; and put her hands about it, laughing " heartily. I have seen many men, and also women, " executed, and that they have been in great sorrow; " and to my knowledge this lady has much joy and
Pàgina 361 - I cannot deny but your Grace hath great causes many ways of lamentable heaviness: and also that, in the wrongful estimation of the world, your Grace's honour of every part is so highly touched (whether the things that commonly be spoken of be true or not), that I remember not that ever Almighty God sent unto your Grace any like occasion to try your Grace's constancy throughout, whether your Highness can be content to take of God's hand, as well things displeasant as pleasant.
Pàgina 264 - ... to the let, hindrance, damage, or derogation thereof, or of any part of the same, by any manner of means, or for any manner of pretence. So help you God, and all saints, and the holy evangelists.
Pàgina 519 - In Cranmer's paper some singular opinions of his about the nature of ecclesiastical offices will be found ; but as they are delivered by him with all possible modesty, so they were not established as the doctrine of the church, but laid aside as particular conceits of his own, and it seems that afterwards he changed his opinion.
Pàgina 96 - The not hearing of the legate's arrival in France, causeth us somewhat to muse; notwithstanding, we trust by your diligence and vigilancy (with the assistance of Almighty God) shortly to be eased out of that trouble.
Pàgina 532 - ... thing, they resolved to mix attainders for things that were very different from one another. For four others were by- the same act attainted of treason ; who were, Gregory...
Pàgina 368 - Sir, if we have not an hour cer" tain, as it may be known in London, I think here " will be but few, and I think a reasonable number " were best ; for I suppose she will declare herself to " be a good woman, for all men but for the King, at

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