Divine Remedies: A Textbook on Spiritual Healing, 1923

Theodosia DeWitt Schobert
Kessinger Publishing, 1 d’ag. 2003 - 128 pàgines
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There is a definite relation between the thoughts that man holds in his mind and the conditions that are manifest in his body and his affairs. It is not well to dwell upon causes of inharmony, since what we think about, even by way of persistent denials and resistance, becomes more and more a part of our consciousness and hence of our experience. Therefore, in this book, we shall not deal directly with negative causes. We shall emphasize only that which tends to wholeness of mind and body. Partial Contents: fuller understanding of spiritual healing; healing of: apoplexy; the arms; blood and skin; cuts, burns, bruises, birthmarks; Healing of the ears, eyes, feet, hands, fevers; freedom from sense appetite; treatment for the hair; healing of genital organs, headaches; heart; insanity; insomnia; kidneys and liver; obesity; nerves; paralysis; poisoning; protection; learn to relax; heal the throat and lungs; spine; stomach and bowels; teeth; general upbuilding and healing of the body temple.

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