Divine and moral songs for the use of children. With 30 illustr. by C.W. Cope

William Milner, 1848 - 32 pāgines

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Pāgina 39 - LET dogs delight to bark and bite, For God hath made them so: Let bears and lions growl and fight, For 'tis their nature, too. But children, you should never let Such angry passions rise : Your little hands were never made To tear each other's eyes.
Pāgina 91 - May'st thou live to know and fear Him, Trust and love Him all thy days ; Then go dwell for ever near Him, See His face, and sing His praise...
Pāgina 49 - How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour, And gather honey all the day From every opening flower!
Pāgina 93 - Though he rose in a mist when his race he begun, And there followed some droppings of rain! But now the fair traveller's come to the west, H.is rays are all gold, and his beauties are best; He paints the sky gay as he sinks to his rest, And foretells a bright rising again.
Pāgina 88 - HUSH, my dear! Lie still, and slumber! Holy angels guard thy bed! Heavenly blessings, without number, Gently falling on thy head.
Pāgina 78 - A little more sleep, and a little more slumber;' Thus he wastes half his days and his hours without number; And when he gets up, he sits folding his hands, Or walks about sauntering, or trifling he stands.
Pāgina 13 - While others early learn to swear, And curse, and lie, and steal, Lord, I am taught thy name to fear, And do thy holy will. Are these thy favours, day by day, To me above the rest? Then let me love thee more than they, And try to serve thee best.
Pāgina 45 - But lips that dare be so profane, To mock, and jeer, and scoff, At holy things or holy men, The Lord shall cut them off. When children, in their wanton play, Serv'd old Elisha so ; And bid the prophet go his way,
Pāgina 32 - Tis dangerous to provoke a God ! His power and vengeance none can tell ; One stroke of his almighty rod Shall send young sinners quick to hell. Then 'twill for ever be in vain To cry for pardon and for grace : To wish I had my time again, Or hope to see my Maker's face.
Pāgina 72 - To God the Father, God the Son, And God the Spirit, three in one, Be honor, praise, and glory given, By all on earth, and all in heaven.

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