Methuen and Company, 1891 - 271 pāgines

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Pāgina 101 - She gloried in being a sailor's wife, but she must pay the tax of quick alarm for belonging to that profession which is, if possible, more distinguished in its domestic virtues than in its national importance.
Pāgina 130 - Nelson touch,' it was like an electric shock. Some shed tears, all approved. ' It was new — it was singular — it was simple!
Pāgina 98 - I call God to witness, there is nothing in you or your conduct, that I wish otherwise.
Pāgina 193 - ... is of all sciences in the world the most entertaining : it expands the mind more to the knowledge of all things in nature, and better teaches to distinguish between truths and such things as have the appearance of being truths, yet are not, than any other. Their education, and the proper cultivation of the sense which God has given them, are the objects on which my happiness most depends.
Pāgina 140 - Commander-in-chief about the tenth ship from the van; the second in command about the twelfth from the rear, leaving the van of the enemy unoccupied ; the succeeding ships breaking through in all parts, astern of their leaders, and engaging the enemy at the muzzles of their guns.
Pāgina 131 - my plan of attack, as far as a man dare venture to guess at the very uncertain position the enemy may be found in : but it is to place you perfectly at ease respecting my intentions, and to give full scope to your judgment for carrying them into effect. We can, my dear Coll, have no little jealousies. We have only one great object in view, that of annihilating our enemies, and getting a glorious peace for our country.
Pāgina 175 - Their excellence should be in knowledge, in virtue, and benevolence to all; but most to those who are humble, and require their aid. This is true nobility, and is now become an incumbent duty on them. I am out of all patience with Bounce. The consequential airs he gives himself since he became a Right Honourable dog are insufferable. He considers it beneath his dignity to play with commoners' dogs, and truly thinks that he does them grace when he condescends to lift up his leg against them.
Pāgina 193 - How would it enlarge their minds if they would acquire a sufficient knowledge of mathematics and astronomy to give them an idea of the beauty and wonders of the creation ! I am persuaded that the generality of people, and particularly fine ladies, only adore God because they are told it is proper and the fashion to go to church ; but I would have my girls gain real knowledge of the works of the creation, that they may have a fixed idea of the nature of that Being who could be the author of such a...
Pāgina 68 - When a midshipman made a complaint, he would order the man for punishment the next day ; and, in the interval, calling the boy down to him, would say, ' In all probability the fault was yours ; but whether it were or not, I am sure it would go to your heart to see a man old enough to be your father disgraced and punished on your account ; and it will, therefore, give me a good opinion of your disposition, if, when he is brought out, you ask for his pardon.
Pāgina 176 - Let others plead for pensions ; I can be rich without money, by endeavouring to be superior to every thing poor. I would have my services to my Country unstained by any interested motive ; and old Scott and I can go on in our cabbage-garden without much greater expense than formerly.

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