Flora Bedfordiensis, Comprehending Such Plants as Grow Wild in the County of Bedford, Arranged According to the System of LinnŠus, with Occasional Remarks

W. Smith, 1798 - 351 pÓgines

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PÓgina 256 - Shields green yellow, changing to full yellow, border paler, crust greenish, with a tinge of yellow, somewhat tiled.
PÓgina 82 - Leaves heart-arrow-shaped, stem nearly upright, without prickles, angles of the seeds even.
PÓgina 340 - Crust rather leather-like, stems very short, heads or seeds roundish, white, yellow or scarlet.
PÓgina 230 - Capsules cylindrical, lids taper-pointed, fruitstalks terminating, shoot branched, upright, leaves spear-shaped, rather expanding.
PÓgina 162 - L. autumnale. Stem branched, fruitstalks scaly, leaves spearshaped, toothed, very entire, smooth.

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