The Philosophy of Evil: Showing Its Uses and Its Unavoidable Necessity; by a Series of Familiar Illustrations Drawn from a Philosophical Examination of the Most Startling Evils of Life. Interspersed with Moral, Interesting and Useful Reflections, Drawn from the Book of the Laws of Nature ...

G.B. Zieber, 1845 - 183 pàgines

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Pàgina 64 - Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, Is the immediate jewel of their souls : Who steals my purse, steals trash ; 'tis something, nothing ; 'Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands : But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him, And makes me poor indeed, Oth.
Pàgina 34 - gin to fear that thou art past all aid From me and from my calling; yet so young, I still would— Man. Look on me! there is an order Of mortals on the earth, who do become Old in their youth, and die ere middle age, Without the violence of warlike death; Some perishing of pleasure— some of study— Some worn with toil, some of mere weariness,— Some of disease— and some insanity— And some of withered, or of broken hearts; For this last is a malady which slays More than are numbered in the...
Pàgina 165 - Think gently of the erring ! Ye know not of the power "With which the dark temptation came, In some unguarded hour. Ye may not know how earnestly They struggled, or how well, Until the hour of weakness came, And sadly thus they fell.
Pàgina 35 - Land ! O Land ! For all the broken-hearted The mildest herald by our fate allotted, Beckons, and with inverted torch doth stand To lead us with a gentle hand Into the land of the great Departed, Into the Silent Land ;
Pàgina 49 - There is the moral of all human tales; 'Tis but the same rehearsal of the past, First Freedom, and then Glory— when that fails, Wealth, vice, corruption,— barbarism at last. And History, with all her volumes vast, Hath but one page...
Pàgina 23 - O, how this spring of love resembleth The uncertain glory of an April day ; Which now shows all the beauty of the sun, And by and by a cloud takes all away ! Re-enter PANTHINO.
Pàgina 21 - There are no sunny places to lie down. You must go in, and by your cheerful fire Wait for the offices of love, and hear Accents of human tenderness, and feast Your eye upon the beauty of the young. It is a season for the quiet thought, And the still reckoning with thyself. The year Gives back the spirits of its dead...
Pàgina 166 - Think gently of the erring ! Oh do not thou forget. However darkly stained by sin, He is thy brother yet. Heir of the self-same heritage ! Child of the self-same God ! He hath but stumbled in the path, Thou hast in weakness trod.
Pàgina 166 - Their chidings well may spare. Speak kindly to the erring, Thou yet mayst lead them back, With holy words and tones of love, From misery's thorny track. Forget not thou hast often sinned, And sinful yet must be! Deal gently with the erring one, As God hath dealt with thee!
Pàgina 36 - Thou, who so late wast sleeping Warm in the close fold of a mother's heart, Scarce from her breast a single pulse receiving But it was sent thee with some tender thought, How can I leave thee — here...

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