Analysis Without Paralysis: 12 Tools to Make Better Strategic Decisions

FT Press, 17 de set. 2012 - 288 pàgines

Since the publication of the original edition, the importance of interpreting business data has become mission critical for professionals in all types of businesses. These professionals have discovered the benefits of business analysis to address their organizations most crucial strategic and tactical challenges. The Second Edition of this successful guide to business analysis, shows readers how to apply analytical tools without having to mire themselves in advanced math or arcane theory. Analysis Without Paralysis teaches readers the fundamentals of business analysis through the use of 12 core tools. Each tool will make the way readers assess and interpret their business’ data more effective, accurate, and actionable. Accessibly written, the authors walk readers through the entire business analysis process and then explain each of today’s most valuable analysis tools so business professionals will be able to make better decisions about their company’s strategy and operations--and achieve better results. The Second Edition includes three new analytical tools and updates all of the prior edition’s data and examples. For each tool, the authors present clear descriptions, context, rationales, strengths, weaknesses, step-by-step instructions, and case study examples.

"This title should be on any business manager’s shelf wanting to make better decisions using analysis."

--UK Competitive Intelligence Forum (UK CIF)


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Chapter 1 The Role of Analysis in Business Management
Chapter 2 The Analysis Process
Chapter 3 BCG GrowthShare Portfolio Matrix
Chapter 4 Competitor Analysis
Chapter 5 Driving Forces Analysis
Chapter 6 Financial Ratios and Statement Analysis
Chapter 7 Five Forces Industry Analysis
Chapter 8 Issue Analysis
Chapter 9 Product Life Cycle Analysis
Chapter 10 Scenario Analysis
Chapter 11 Macroenvironmental STEEPPEST Analysis
Chapter 12 SWOT Analysis
Chapter 13 Value Chain Analysis
Chapter 14 WinLoss Analysis

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Sobre l'autor (2012)

Babette E. Bensoussan is best known as an international specialist in strategy and competition, and as founder and director of The MindShifts Group. With an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge she has undertaken major studies for and consulted to Australian and Global Fortune 500 companies. She has undertaken over 300 competitive intelligence projects and consulted to a wide range of industries and markets. Babette is a brilliant presenter and communicator, and conducts training, workshops and individual mentoring on a worldwide basis to assist with the development and implementation of competitive strategies, competitive intelligence programs, and strategic planning.

Apart from her active business endeavours, Babette has taught Competitive Intelligence in undergraduate business and MBA programs both in Australia and China. In 2012, she was appointed Adjunct Professor, School of Business, University of Technology Sydney.

Dr. Craig S. Fleisher is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of one of the globe's leading intelligence consultancies, Aurora WDC. Google’s top-cited CI scholar and a frequent keynote speaker, Craig has authored several essential CI books including Analysis without Paralysis 2nd Ed (FT Press, 2013), Business and Competitive Analysis (FT Press, 2007), and Strategic and Competitive Analysis (Pearson, 2003), among others. A former SCIP president, current Fellow and Meritorious Award winner, he was inaugural chair of the Competitive Intelligence Foundation, and founding editor of the Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management. His PhD in Business is from Pittsburgh's Katz Graduate School of Business. An internationally-focused adviser instructing mainly executive learners, he has held positions including MBA Director, Business School Dean and Chaired Professor at a variety of universities in over half a dozen countries.

Bensoussan and Fleisher are also the authors of the well known Business and Competitive Analysis book, a must have for any corporate analyst.

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