A New Bibliotheca Piscatoria; Or, General Catalogue of Angling and Fishing Literature with Bibliographical Notes and Data

"Field" office, 1861 - 77 pàgines
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Pàgina 55 - VADE-MECUM OF FLY-FISHING FOR TROUT : being a complete Practical Treatise on that Branch of the Art of Angling ; with plain and copious Instructions for the Manufacture of Artificial Flies. ByG. PR PULMAN, Author of
Pàgina 34 - Ephemera. — A Handbook of Angling ; Teaching Fly Fishing, Trolling, Bottom Fishing, and Salmon Fishing ; with the Natural History of River Fish , and the best Modes of Catching them. By EPREMEKA.
Pàgina 23 - Davy (Dr. J.) — The Angler and his Friend ; or, Piscatory Colloquies and Fishing Excursions. By JOHN DAVY, MD, FRS, &c. Fcp.
Pàgina 63 - A SPORTING TOUR THROUGH THE NORTHERN PARTS OF ENGLAND AND GREAT PART OF THE HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND. By Colonel T. THORNTON, of Thornville Royal, in Yorkshire. With the Original Illustrations by GARRARD, and other Illustrations and Coloured Plates by GE LODGE.
Pàgina 51 - North Country Angler; or, the Art of Angling, as practised in the Northern Counties of England.
Pàgina 5 - But adepts in the sport have contrived a taking device, ' captiosa qucedam machinalio,' to circumvent them ; for which purpose they invest the body of the hook with purple wool, and having adjusted two wings of a waxy colour, so as to form an exact imitation of the hippurus, they drop these abstruse cheats gently down the stream. The scaly pursuers, who hastily rise and expect nothing less than a dainty bait, snap the decoy, and are immediately fixed to the hook.
Pàgina 15 - Comprising the Theory, Principles, and Practice of Fly-fishing for Salmon ; Lists of good Salmon Flies for every good River in the Empire ; the Natural History of the Salmon, all its known Habits described, and the best way of artificially Breeding it explained. With numerous coloured Engravings. By EPHEMERA ; assisted by ANDREW YOUNG.
Pàgina 39 - Gleanings in Natural History, with Local Recollections, to which are added Maxims and Hints for an Angler.
Pàgina 73 - Here in this boke afore ben shewed the treatyses perteynynge to hawkynge and huntynge with others dyuers playsaunt materes belongynge unto noblesse : and Also a ryght noble treatise of Cot armours? as in this present boke it may appere. And here we ende this laste treatyse whyche specyfyeth of blasynge of armys. Emprynted at Westmestre by Wynkyn the Worde the yere of thyncarnacon of our lorde.
Pàgina 11 - The art of angling. Wherein are discovered many rare secrets, very necessary to be known by all that delight in that recreation.

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